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JK BJP Spokesperson Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia criticises Tarigami statement on elections

Jammu and Kashmir Bhartiya Janta Party senior leader and Spokesman Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia has criticized the Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami CPI (M) leader that BJP is hesitating and running away from holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia affirmed that likes of Farooq Abdullah and Tarigami are products of those days when rigging in elections was norm and Delhi lead Congress and Third front Governments used to install puppets.He described the Tarigami statement as akin to bad workman quarreling with his tools.

Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia observed that election commission of India will take call at opportune time when to have elections here and not the irrelevant diktats of Tarigami will decide it .

Thakur Abhijeet Jasrotia expressed confidence that by SabKa Saath ,SabKa Vikas the BJP will sweep elections of Jammu and Kashmir. He also went on to say that time of dynasty, corrupt, and archaic politics followed by likes of Tarigami are gone .