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A meeting Organize By BJYM Leh at Kharu Mandal

A meeting Organize By BJYM Leh at Kharu Mandal under the Chairman ship of BJYM District President Sh. Tashi Gailtsan Khachu. Sh.Tsewang Gonbo BJP District president was the chief guest. The meeting reformed the body of BJYM kharu Mandal in presence of Sh. Nazir Ahmad District Vice president, Sh. Dorjey Angchuk District General secretary, Sh. Stanzin Zatsal Vice district president BJYM and general secretary BJP Diskit Nura Mandal, Sh. Tashi Stobgais Mandal President Kharu, Hon’ble councilors Sh. Konchok Stanzin Chushul, Sakti Sh. Gyal P. Wangail, Sh. Tsering Paldan Igoo, and Sh. Jamyang Tsering Namgail Martselang Constituencies were present. The new office bearers were nominated as
President:-Sh.Jigmat Namgail
Vice- president: –
Sh. Stobgal Sakti ,   Sh.Padma Thinly Martselang Sh.Konchok Namgail ChemdayandSh. Nawang Tsering Gya.
Office Organizer Sect:-
Sh.Thinles Dorjey Changa
Joint Sect:-
Sh.Wangtak Igoo
The meeting was addressed by

  1. Sh. Koncko Stanzin Hon’ble councilor Chushul.

He as stressed the entry of youth in politics and formation of BJYM at all mandal will help the poor house hold understand the schemes brought by BJP and Modi ji.

  1. Sh. Jamyang T Namgail Hon’ble Councilor Martselang. BJP is different from congress as it is governed by democracy and congress is a party of one family Nehru family. He has reported the people that his constituency is doing quite good even being inexperienced people my counstituency are quite satisfied ad we are hoping to do better in the future as we have great leaders like Ka Thupstan Chhewang, Ka Tsering and Dr. Sonam dawa at Leh.
  2. Sh. Tsering Paldan Hon’nle councilor Igoo. We all should join BJP as we have always with Ka thupstan and Only BJP is serious about Kharu Sub Division.
  3. Sh. Gyal P Wangail Hon’ble Councilor Sakti. We all three councilors are focusing on bringing the Kharu sub division up rather than keep talking about our individual constituencies.
  4. Sh. Tashi Stobgais Mandal President Kharu. We need not temporary staffs at the division especially in the revenue department. The pending files of last three years are the result of the inexperienced officers. You all counselors if you want to have bright future bring an experienced BDO at least.
  5. Sh. Dorje Angchuk General Secretary BJP Leh. He appreciated the effort done by the people of Kharu Mandal as you have made all the three councilors win. You might be happy to know that BJP is the largest party in the world and you all should be happy to be its member where we have super leader like Modi ji and Ka thupstan Chhewang.
  6. Sh. Tsewang Gonbo District President
    while speaking on the occasion the speakers apprised the workers about the achievements of Modi Government and historic formation of BJP Government with PDP at state and LAHDC Leh. The speakers considered the Kharu Mandal a strong Mandal who have always supported Sh. Thupstan Chhewang. Sh.Tsewang Gonbo District president has mentioned that this party is very different from others and largest political party in the world because Modi is a great leader therefore everybody likes to join BJP for the nation and poor and to bring the nation on the top. He criticized the congress who claimed to unroot BJP from Ladakh has unrooted themselves and everybody in Ladakh regrets that they have voted the MLAs on their wrong propagandas and assured to beat them in the coming election. I appreciate the effort of BJYM Leh and youth of Kharu Mandal and the councilors.
    Sh. Tashi Gyaltasn Khachu President BJYM Leh presented the vote of thanks.