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Amarnath Yatra signals social equality among all : Balbir

Balbir Ram Rattan, Vice Chairman SC,ST,BC Development Corporation Limited, today said that pious months of Amarnath Yatra has brought all people of different religions, irrespective of caste, creed and colour, under one canopy of communal brotherhood, which is the strongest insignia of the state.

He was speaking at a community Kitchen (langar) organized by Mohalla Welfare Society, Hari Nagar, at Vivekananda Chowk, under its President Jeet Raj.

Balbir Ram Rattan added that social equality among the people of the state is the foundation essence of communal brotherhood among the people, which reflected from the large number of people attending the langar before departing for the Amarnath Yatra .

“Our state has, on many times, presented a social fabric of strong bonding among various communities, which have joined hands in various developmental works of the state. Also on the religious occasions of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians, the people of all religions show equal participation that has sent a strong message that state is communally bonded in love and brotherhood,” said Balbir Ram Rattan.

While interacting with people of SC community on the occasion, Balbir Ram came across many people, who expressed their heartfelt desire to participate in various activities being conducted to make Amarnath Yatra successful.

On the occasion, the Vice Chairperson was informed that though larger participation in organizing langar was of the members of the scheduled caste community, but other community people were equally involved in arranging the men and material to serve the people through various means.

A large number of prominent political and social figures including Charanjit Raj, Govind Sareen, Varun Malhotra, Santosh Kundal, Pawan Kumar, Sunita Kundal, Happy Magotra, Gandharav Singh, Ramesh Gupta, Pardeep Baru, Ram Prasad extended helping hand in distribution of langer items.