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Amit Shah will dedicate BJP library to Nanaji Deshmukh: Sat

BJP Library & Documentation Department National Member Aseervatham Achary, during his one day visit to Jammu, attended a meeting at Trikuta Nagar Office in connection with inauguration of Nanaji Deshmukh Library and E-Library by BJP National President Amit Shah during his two days visit to Jammu in the last week of April. He was accompanied by his colleague Member Dr. Rajnit Singh Thakur.
The meeting which was chaired by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, was organized by State BJP library Convenor Kulbushan Mohtra and Co-Convenor Tilak Raj Gupta and attended by Achary and Dr. Ranjit, who discussed Library & E-Library project in details and also suggested means to develop it as one of the most equipped library in the state having study material on political, social, religious and economic subjects.
Sat Sharma, Aseervatham Achary and Dr. Rajnit Singh Thakur also inspected the books available in the library, which is in its final stage of establishment and also the setting up of E-Library.
Sat Sharma, on this occasion, said that the library will be dedicated to great ideologue Nanaji Deshmukh by BJP National President Amit Shah and it will keep reminding the party activists about his contribution towards the organization. The library will prove to be of great benefit to the party activists as well as to those who desire to conduct research on the ideology and the successful journey of the BJP.
Aseervathan Achary, while expressing satisfaction over the facilities available in the library, said that the party will have to keep adding more books, journals besides making available party resolutions and its Constitution.
E-Library Incharge Aseem Gupta assured the State President and Aseervathan Achary that E-Library will be operational round the clock.
Kulbushan Mohtra shared his plan with these leaders on setting up of libraries in each district after the party offices are established there.