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An awareness camp on Demonetization and Cashless transactions was organized by Mahila Morcha

An awareness camp on Demonetization and Cashless transactions was organized by Mahila Morcha of Bhartiya Janta Party, Gandhi Nagar Jammu at Cooperative Public School near Marble Market, Jammu. The function was president over by Baldev Singh Billawaria district President BJP Jammu. Speaking in the function, Billawaria highlighted the plus points of demonetization and cashless transactions. He said that the singular step of demonetization initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi has brought the economy back in trail. He said that prior to demonetization, black money which was abusantly in circulation in our country and abroad had ruined our economy. All militant activities and other absurdities in society owed their existence to old currency much of which formed black money, the demonetization of which was urgently and essentially required. Our Prime Minister, Billawaria said demonetized the currency to thwart the endeavors of dishonest and anti-national elements. Billawaria emphasized the need for conducting cashless transaction by all which is a transparent way to handle finances. He said that in present society cashless transactions are safest means of conducting financial affairs. He thanked president and other office bearers of Maheela Morcha Gandhi Nagar Jammu for organizing such a function which will help students and staff in learning the process of handling finance by cashless transactions.
Rekha Chauhan,Mandal president Maheela Morcha Gandhi Nagar Jammu speaking on the occasion said that in the present context when women folk in society a subjected to various kinds of exploitations, our prime minister has ably devised a mean to go for cashless transactions where there is no scope for loosing currency notes and safety is ensured for women. Prerna Nanda , Pooja Chauhan ,Veena Gupta , Haseena Bhat who also spoke on the occasion exhorted students, staff and others to go in for cashless transactions as these are beneficial to them they also made all present to learn the mode of cashless transactions. The other occasion included Ludermani Sharma ,Sahil and Sandeep Chib.
The staff members of Cooperative Public School Marble Market Jammu highly appreciated the endeavors of Maheela Morcha being of BJP in organizing such function which seeks to educate people on the benefits of demonization conducting cashless transactions.