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Billawaria took a look at the work of filling Kunjwani-Satwari road pit.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Jammu District President Baldev Singh Billawaria has started the work of filling the pits lying on Kunjwani-Satwari Six lane in its presence. Billawaria said that the driver of this road was disturbed by the problems of the potholes and several times the accidents were also present. In such a situation, the demand of the people was passed to Speaker Kavinder Gupta and he got the PWD. He directed the department to provide relief to the people by filling these potholes with immediate effect. He also handed over the supervision of this work in such a way that in his presence, he is working to fill the pits with concrete because it is not possible to stay on the road of blacktop in this season, to fill these pits with cement concrete. The work is being done so that people can get relief and avoid accident. Billawaria said that Speaker Gupta has said that as soon as the work of the six lane will be completed, the whole Kunjwani-Satwari road will be made fresh again by adding blacktop, but the potholes are being filled only for relief of the people.