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BJP committed for the cause of traders: Harinder

The State unit of Jammu & Kashmir BJP expresses satisfaction over the stand taken by its MLAs to force the government to rollback 16 new SROs related to the implementation of different provisions of the recently tabled annual budget and that the party will never allow hasty and unilateral decisions to be taken and implemented at the cost of the interests of different sections of the industry and trade.
According to an official handout, BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, while reiterating party’s principle stand for the cause of the traders, said that every activists of the party stand united against the decision of state government to issue sixteen SROs within two days and our MLAs opposed the same tooth and nail. He said that the united voice of our MLAs against these SROs left the government with no option but to rollback, which is indeed a splendid show of strength as well. He said that BJP is the only political party which has all along stood for the cause of every section, particularly the trade and industry sector. He said that the new precedent which was started by the government soon after tabling of the budget, cannot be justified by any yardstick and hence the party openly raised voice against it through its MLAs on the floor of the house, which resulted into rollback of all the sixteen SROs.
Harinder Gupta also criticized the NC senior leader & MLA Davinder Rana for his stand on GST and said that it is most unfortunate and worst kind of political opportunism, which has exposed leaders like him. He said that people are well aware about the past conduct of the MLA and cannot be misled by making false statements. It was the than Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather, a senior NC leader, who remained head of the committee which was constituted to evolve consensus on the same and did not utter a single word of opposition on various provision of GST. It is a clear example of how the NC leaders behave and issue statements while outside the government.