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BJP Condemns MLA Akbar Lone for “Pro Pak” Slogans and Demands his Expulsion from Legislative Assembly

BJP State General Secretary Dr Narinder Singh took strong exception to the anti-national and pro-Pakistan statement of former J&K Legislative Assembly Speaker, former Cabinet Minister in the Congress-National Conference coalition government and sitting NC MLA Akbar Lone for his anti-National statement in the J&K Legislative Assembly.

Dr Narinder Singh said that the such a bizarre, unfortunate statement and the shameless attitude of the sitting MLA show the real mindset of the National Conference party whose sitting MLA says that he is from a particular community so he will not tolerate “Pakistan Murdabad”. Dr Singh asked National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah to explain to the nation as to why did MLA’s feelings get hurt when our security forces are fighting proxy war waged by Pakistan and slogans are raised against Pakistan. He said it is a proven fact throughout the world that Pakistan has adopted “Terrorism” as its State Policy and that why it has been named “Terroristan”. Dr Singh also maintained that when MLA gave the statement that he is Muslim and so will not tolerate anti-Pakistan slogans shows his true colours and unmasks real face of NC leadership. He advised NC leadership not to forget about the Crores of Nationalistic Muslims of India, who are ready to lay down their lives for safeguarding the interests of Nation.

Dr Singh regretted the loss of lives in cowardice act by Pakistan supported terrorists which started in the early hours of Saturday at Sunjwaan Army base Camp. He also said that the Indian Security Forces have enough strength to neutralize any security threat.

He also demanded that NC must take stringent action and expel Akbar Lone anti-national/pro-Pakistan legislator from the primary membership of the party for it to prove its nationalistic and secular credentials. He said that MLA has tried to communally polarize the atmosphere in the already trouble-torn state of J&K by its utterances well within the house which is the sanctum sanctorum of the temple of democracy.

He said that it is only the Constitution of India that gives so much liberty to speak whatever they want but the utterances of Akar Lone who during his tenure as speaker in Congress-NC government had brought disrepute to Speakers Chair by using abusive language against MLAs of other parties without then Chief Minister taking any action. He needs to be expelled from legislative assembly. He also said that the anti-National utterances are not new to the leaders of National Conference which has the history of airing such statements to remain in limelight, especially when out of power. NC leadership has always created a gulf between patriotic and anti-national forces.

Dr Singh said that these types of persons add fuel to the fire of already volatile atmosphere and their activities have contributed to the burning of the “Valley” for decades. It is the blooming of fear psychosis among the leaders of the opposition to check the Valley’s developmental surge that has been evident in the whole state after the government formation by BJP, and Congress and NC’s ouster from the administration.