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BJP doesn’t need advice from Congressmen: Brig Gupta

Reacting sharply to the unsolicited advice given by a senior Congress leader while addressing a public meeting at Akhnoor, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party retorted, “There is no need to give advice to our legislators. At least they are committed to their people and have the moral courage to question even the government when the interest of a common man is affected. These self-styled advisors need to tell the public as to what they did for the cause of Jammu when in power other than surrendering meekly in order to enjoy the benefits of power? It is due to the policies of successive Congress and NC governments that the people of Jammu are feeling discriminated and are suffering for basic amenities. Regional discrimination is a gift of Congress and NC governments. The disparity is to such an extent that there is hardly any representation of the people belonging to the other two regions of the state in the civil secretariat as well as in other departments”. BJP-PDP coalition government is committed to end the regional discrimination and ensure holistic and inclusive development of all the three regions, said Brig Gupta.
Brig Anil Gupta also objected to the statement of the Congress leader that BJP made false promises to the people and has failed them. Refuting the allegation, Brig Gupta said that BJP, unlike Congress, does not believe in divide and rule instead believes in inclusive politics. We have not joined the government merely for sake of power but for nation building. People have given us mandate for six years and we will deliver on our promises. As far as the border residents are concerned, the opposition is misleading them. A sum of Rs. 15.50 crore has been released by the centre for farmers whose land falls within the border fencing. The money is being distributed to the affected farmers. The decision to construct community bunkers in the rear instead of 5 marla plots has been taken in national interest since the security forces feared thinning out from the border belt. All other demands of the border residents are in the pipeline and being addressed, said Brig Gupta.Taking a dig at the narrow-mindedness of the opposition leaders who are questioning the BJP for supporting Ms Mehbooba Mufti in the Anantnag bye-election, Brig Gupta said that it is a normal courtesy extended to the head of our coalition government.