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BJP fully committed towards the Article 370:- Dr.Gagan Bhagat

MLA from RS Pura Constituency Dr. Gagan Bhagat while speaking in the debate for Grants on Home, Tourism,GAD, Planning,Tribal Affairs and other departments which are with the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said that Bharatiya Janata Party is fully committed towards the Article 370 and has not forgotten its core issues for which the party has been fighting for more than five decades. Dr. Gagan is the first BJP MLA from the Coalition Govt. who has openly spoken in the Assembly in favour of Article 370 since its Coalition with the P.D.P. The matter was raised by one of the P.D.P member in the debate, that Article 370 is very strong and even BJP does not talk on it since its Coalition have been formed with the PDP ,on this statement the opposition members from the National Conference and Congress said that P.D.P has made B.J.P speechless and now they cant talk about 370 on which they secured votes from the people of Jammu. While taking a strong exception to the statement of the P.D.P member Dr. Gagan said that it should be crystal clear to everyone in this house and outside that B.J.P is fully committed towards Article 370, but we have certain developmental issues which we have to accomplish for the welfare of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, and we entered in coalition with the PDP, the issues for which our leaders have sacrificed their lives and it also includes article 370, which we cant ever forget. He advised the coalition partner to focus only about the development issues which is the basis of coalition govt. While talking on the home department, he suggested rectifying the women police official’s percentage which is 3.5%, in the police force ,and mere opening of women Police Stations will not solve the problem ,for this there is need of creating women cells inside every police stations and J&K should also go for 33% reservation for women’s in the police force , which the certain states have already adopted it, he gave examples of Gujrat, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Andaman Nicobar and other states.He also talked about the Cadre disparity of K.P.S, Modernizing Police Force, and upgrading the Police Post Kullian,increasing staff strength of Miran Sahib Police Station, while talking on the JKP officials, he said that they do not get proper family quarters, funds should to be given in this budget for renovating and construction of family quarters for the police officials. While speaking on tourism he said that Suchetgarh must be developed on the pattern of wagah border and the road from Satwari to R.S.Pura should be immediately upgraded to four lane, besides beautification of the said road .He also demanded dedicated feeder for the Agricultural transformers especially during the Basmati Cultivation Season at R.S Pura . Regarding Youths he said that the Tulip garden at Indiranagar should be converted to International Sports Stadium and PVC Bana Singh Stadium should be completed which is incomplete for several years, he stressed that govt. should focus to control drug abuse and trafficking which is badly affecting youths of the State , he urged that the civil society, NGO’S,Police and the Govt. should work in Co-ordination to fight with this,and we should take it seriously. He demanded more funds for the cancer patients and it should be distributed constituency wise . Regarding the Border residents he said that special recruitment drive for the youths should be held and the Border firing victims should be treated at per with the militancy affected people and while speaking on the P.M package he demanded that Rs 2000 Crore package mean for the refugee population should be immediately distributed.