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BJP holds “Jana Raksha Yatra” against atrocities in Kerala

BJP led by its State President & MLA, Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha, Jugal Kishore Sharma, MP Rajya Sabha, Shamsher Singh Manhas, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul held a protest march against the atrocities on activists and their families affiliated to BJP & RSS in Kerala. Leaders of State District, Mandal, Wards and Morchas participated in the foot march, while airing slogans against Kerala government asking it to stop mayhem. March started from Kachi Chawni and passed through Sabji Mandi, Purani Mandi and Bus Stand to culminate near Press Club.

Sat Sharma, while addressing, criticized Kerala government for its indifference towards ever increasing number of attacks on activists and their families affiliated with BJP and RSS. He said that Kerala Government has failed miserably in defending the democracy by not just promoting the attacks, but also shielding the attackers. He said that it is the right of a person to voice his own opinion and it is the duty of others to have respect for his concern. He condemned the policy of CPI(M) Government, in which it has made barbarism as its mainstay policy. He stated that the 11 Crore BJP members from whole Nation are standing with the activists in Kerala in this unkind hour. The people of Kerala will oust the present Government of Kerala for its erroneous policies and Jehadi Terrorism, paving way for the popular Government of BJP in Kerala, he added.

Jugal Kishore Sharma, while condemning Kerala Government, said that the Nation is united over failed policies of Kerala Government and “Jana Raksha Yatra” is being carried all over India to show the solidarity with the activists of Kerala. He said that we as Indians have always favoured non-violence, but certain organizations need to understand that it is due to the high virtues and not cowardice, so Kerala government must act, while there is still time and shun inhumane ways.

State General secretary, Dr. Narinder Singh carried the proceedings of stage.

State Vice-Presidents Karan Singh, Yudhvir Sethi, Parmod Kapahi and Rajni Sethi, State General Secretaries Pawan Khajuria and Harinder Gupta, MLAs Sukhnandan Choudhary, Rajesh Gupta, Rajiv Sharma, Dr. Devinder Manyal & Dr. Krishan Lal Bhagat, MLCs Girdhari Lal Raina and S. Charanjit Singh Khalsa, VCs Subhash Jandial & Munish Sharma, Sanjay Baru, Rajinder Sharma, Chander Mohan Gupta, Suraj Singh, Rachpal Singh, Naresh Dogra, Prof. Varinder Gupta, S.S. Bijral, Arvind Gupta, Rakesh Mahajan, Parduman Singh, Suresh Sharma, Varinderjit Singh, Tilak Gupta, BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, District Presidents Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Ayodhya Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Omi Khajuria, Brijeshwar Rana, Jangbir Singh Chiku & Chandji Bhat, Veenu Khanna, Sanjita Dogra, Karan Sharma, Ajay Vaid and various other senior leaders were also present during the protest demonstration.