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BJP holds workshop for party Vistaraks

On the Centenary Year of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya,  the BJP has chalked out year long programmes with an objective of further widening the party scope up to the lowest level. In this regard, the State BJP organized one day workshop for party ‘Vistarak’ (Whole Timers) at Trikuta Nagar Office.

BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma (C.A), in presence of State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul and State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria, addressed one of the session of this meeting.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the workshop, said that the BJP has achieved the distinction of being world’s largest political party. This achievement has not been the outcome of the work of few months or years but a long journey has been travelled right from the days of Praja Parishad and the present day BJP by the party activists in different positions .  

Sat Sharma said that a party which had just 2 MPs in initial years of its birth, is today running government at the Centre as well as in 14 states, either on its own or in coalition. It is the biggest achievement in smallest period.

He said that the party want to keep expanding its activities and has decided to avail the services of its activists in their respective areas acquainting them with the ideology, policies and programmes of the BJP and depute them as “Vistarak” (whole timers) to remain in the public to educate them about what the BJP has done for the development and welfare while in government at the Centre and in the state.

Ashok Kaul, while speaking in the meeting, said that under karya vistar yojana, a minimum of 5 prominent leaders from each district is attending  it. Each one of these will have to identify party activists in their respective districts who are well versed with the party ideology as well as the achievements of the Narendra Modi led government at the Centre and BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir. The activists identified for this job, will have the choice of serving the party as Vistarak for one year, six months or 15 days.

 The proceedings of the Workshop were conducted by State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria.