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BJP Mahila Morcha organizes plantation drive

BJP Mahila Morcha led by its State Secretary Shailja Gupta under the leadership of Morcha State President Purnima Sharma organized a plantation drive at Trikuta Nagar Health Care Centre.

Purnima Sharma while addressing the party activists during the drive, said that humans being the higher level of living beings on this planet owe a responsibility towards maintaining good environment on the Earth. She said that continuous deforestation due to the growing urbanization and industrialization has led to the decrease in forest cover and thus today we are facing the menace of global warming and pollution to the levels that one day we will have to carry Oxygen cylinders on our back all the time to remain alive. She also said that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has given slogan of saving “Van Dhan” at all costs and it is the responsibility of all to work for this noble mission.

Shailja Gupta who organized the event, said that it is our duty to give clean air to our future generations and our cultural ethos, which has always taught us to worship Nature and its components. She added that this small contribution costs nothing but will go a long way in preserving the environment. She appealed to the society to plant as well as take care of the planted trees so that they could be protected till they grow.

Sanjita Dogra, Vimla Padha, Monika Khosla, Sonia Gupta, Rekha Chouhan, Anita Gupta, Sangeeta Anand and others were also present.