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BJP Mahila Morcha welcomes Lok Sabha decision on “Triple Talaq”

J&K State BJP Mahila Morcha led by its State President Purnima Sharma along with its State General Secretary Sanjita Dogra welcomed passage of bill in Lok Sabha making Triple Talaq via any medium punishable during a Press Conference held at party office, Kachi Chawni.

It is pertinent to mention here that the historic bill has remained a highly debatable topic in all the forums at National level and now the Lok Sabha has passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) bill by voice vote after the prohibition of instant Triple Talaq (Talaq-e-Biddat) by Supreme Court in August. The bill will now be put to test in Rajya Sabha, before it will be presented to the President for final approval. This was also the poll promise of BJP at National level.

Purnima Sharma while addressing the Press Conference told the media persons that the bill will go a long way in the protection of rights of Muslim sisters from the demonic law. She said that there is no place in the modern civilized society for Triple Talaq and this law will play a major role in the equality and empowerment of Muslim women.

Sharma also said that those who are criticizing for making this as criminal offence must bear in mind that this has already been done so after the judgement of honourable Supreme Court of India. She said that certain quarters who are alleging that this will lead to further harassment of Muslim women, must understand that this bill is itself framed for the protection of women from the plight they had to face after Talaq, and this criticism is the result of their male chauvinistic ego and opportunism.

She also made fervent appeal to the State Administration to make sure the quick implementation of law in the state of Jammu & Kashmir so that the Muslim women of the state are also benefitted by the law.