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BJP Talab Tillo Mandal Organised Digi Dhan Festival at Booth Level.

To Educate the Comman masses about Digital Economy, Cashless Tranactions ,A Programme under the banner of Digi Dhan Festival Organised at Booth Number 162 Of Ward No-12 under Talab Tillo Mandal.

State Incharge BJP IT & Social Media Jaidev Rajwal, District President BJP West Ayodhya Gupta, Talab Tillo Mandal President Jeet Angral attend it.

Speaking on the ocassion State Incharge IT & Social Media Jaidev Rajwal Said Narender Modi government took a histoirical decision of Demonitization and to make aware people about the benefits of doing cashless tranactions bjp is doing these programmes at every booth. Jaidev also presented a presentation about the ways of doing cashless transactions by using new modes of Debit Cards Aadhar Enabled Payments USSD and most effective BHIM App.
seapking on the ocassion Ayodhya Gupta said that This is a very good step to make people aware about the methods of online payments and said that we all must use these methods to make India Corruption free.
Speaking on the ocassion Jeet Angral said that BJP is comitted to work for Poor and by using cashless methods of payments we can help our country to grow. Jeet said that we will go to every booth of Talab Tillo Mandal and do these type of programmes to make people aware about cashless tranactions.
Keshav Chopra and Jatin Sethi Managed the stage and also presented token of thanks.
Labha Ram Booth President,Dr Surjit Singh Ward President, B.D Naryal, Asha sharma,Raghubir Kumar, Vinod Wazir, Deepak Kumar,Swaran samyal,Manoj, Sourav and several others were also present.