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BJP to end injustice with refugees:- Jugal Kishore 

Addressing a  refugees rally at Muradhpur-Rajouri, Member Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma on Sunday Said  that the  BJP Would end the injustice with the internally displaced persons of PoJK . He said internally displaced from PoJK  are the true nationalistsas  they are fighting  for  national  Cause since 1947. Making Scathing attack on Congress Party for exploiting the sentiments of refugees  for seventy years Jugal said “ Congress  repeatedly back stabbed the refugees/ internally displaced persons and except befooling them, they did nothing for their betterment. He said we are thankful to Prime Minister Narider Modi for addressing this long pending issue.  He said that with the commencement of the much awaited financial assistance among the families of the Displaced Persons of 1947, 1965 and 1971 under ‘Prime Minister’s package, a wave of joy is visible among these people who were agitating continuously since their uprooting from homes but the successive governments did not care.He said although no money can bring back one’s near and dear one nor can it buy the happiness of living with a family but still a human approach is to be adopted and provide some financial assistance so that those affected can construct their house or start some source of earning livelihood. Vice Chairman of Phari Advisory Board Kuldeep Raj Gupta  while addressing the gathering said, refugees are the most nationalist community and needs more sympathetic measures for their long pending issue. He held  Congress party responsible for the miseries of the refugees, he said Congress made refugees as their slave votes but did nothing for their upliftment and  praised Prime Minister Modi for seriously taking note of the problems being faced by the refugee community.

Speaking on the occasion MLC  Vibodh Gupta said DP’s were made Scapegoat by the Congress for Votes and  did dirty politics with their  sentiments for last seventy years and now it is the Modi government who took care of the refugee community and announced the first installment of 2000 Crores for the DP’s . He said said refugees will never forgive Congress party as it deceived the community for so many years. The jubilant leaders of various organizations of Displaced Persons of PoJK thanked the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rupees 2000 crore package for them. Speaking on the occasion refugee leaders expressed  gratitude to PM Narendra Modi and his party BJP for taking keen interest in meeting the long pending demand of the DPs, stressed upon the state government to simplify the process and ensure transparency in the whole exercise. BJP district President Dinesh Sharma, Rajinder Gupta, Bharat Sharma, Surpanch Babu Ram, Dinesh Tara, Rakesh Raina-Raka, Sanjay Dutt were present in the rally.