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BJP to ensure purity in politics

By asking all BJP lawmakers to give details of their deposits from 8th November till 30th December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set high standard of polity for the country. When other political parties are making efforts to hide their black money, Bharatiya Janata Party has stood out by silencing the critics of political purity. Sunil Sethi, Chief Spokesperson of BJP, said that example which has been set by Bharatiya Janata Party should silence all criticism on money transaction by its law makers post demonetization.

Sunil Sethi noted that confidence Modi has on uprightness of workers of the party will be reciprocated by all law makers and submission of their amounts will expose the hollowness of the motivated allegations of the opposition.  Finding no fault with Demonetization Plan of government, the opposition parties have started false accusations against BJP lawmakers of hiding money. Everything will come clear before public by this move.

He said that similar steps should be taken by all other parties to ensure that their law makers are clean and are leading the country by personal example. Not many parties will have the courage of conviction to take similar step for reasons too obvious.  In case the parties don’t do it then Election Commission should call such details from all law makers to instill the confidence of public in politics.

Sunil Sethi further said that similar directions may be given to all office bearers of the party and persons holding important positions in party. Efforts made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of cleansing the political infrastructure should be welcomed by all. It is akin to cleansing of Holy Ganga.

Politicians have become matter of being subjected to ridicule, jokes and jests.  All that is going to change. Now leaders have to lead by personal examples.  They have first to follow high standard in public life before expecting common man to be part of change sweeping the country. Country will never be the same and so do Politicians, said Sunil Sethi.