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BJP to observe 8th November as Anti-black money day.

J&K BJP has decided to observe 8th November as Anti-black money day on the very anniversary of demonetization decision taken by PM Modi led Centre government to curb black money menace in Nation.

BJP State General Secretary, Harinder Gupta, while appreciating bold decision of demonetization, said that it has led to multi dimensional success in curbing menace of corruption, India’s highest ever unearthing of black money, blow to terrorism, clean financial system, better jobs, increased tax compliance, boost in digital payments, cheaper loans, increased revenues. He said that people were fed up of deep rooted corruption and large scams and Modi government took unprecedented steps in fighting corruption at every level. He said that presently cash deposits under suspicion stand at Rs 3.68 lakh crore in 23.22 lakh bank accounts and in addition to this, banks and financial institutions reported more than 4.7 lakh suspicious transactions.

Harinder said that Stone-pelting incidents in Kashmir were reduced to 1/4th of the previous year from 2683 (Nov 15-Oct 16) to 639 (Nov 16 to July 2017) as demonetization struck a severe blow to terrorists by clamping down on their funds and militants in Kashmir lost access to all their cash reserves and their desperation was evident in bank robbery attempts. He said that in a surgical strike on shell companies, 2.24 lakh companies were struck off.

Harinder further said that demonetization led to a huge increase in tax compliance, which will not only ensure equitable taxation, but also help Government devote more resources to poverty alleviation and creation of infrastructure like roads, railways, houses, etc., he added. He said this is leading India to a less cash society which will make lives easier and will lead to affordable goods, services, housing, education, medical treatment, etc. Lending rates declined by around 100 basis points reducing interest on repayment of loans and decrease amount of EMIs and real estate prices.

State Secretary Sanjay Baru said that the informative presentations in this regard will be shown along with the observance of the day in every district.

Purnima Sharma, Arvind Gupta, S. Varinderjit Singh, Jaidev Rajwal, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Deepak Kapahi, Jugal Kishore Gupta, Ayodhya Gupta, Adv. Hunar Gupta, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta, Vikas Sharma were also present in the meeting.