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BJP’s Thakur appeals govt. to resume work on stalled projects in Kashmir

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Media Incharge Kashmir, Altaf Thakur appealed government to resume work on stalled developmental projects in Kashmir, works on which were hit due to prevailing situation here.

“The frequent shutdown calls has hit economy badly in Kashmir and work on all the developmental projects were stalled,” Thakur said, adding, government must resume work on these projects on priority basis, so that people won’t have to suffer.

There are more than one thousand works under various State and Centrally-sponsored schemes in all sectors including Health, Roads and Education which have come to halt due to shutdown. “There should not be lapse of funds sanctioned for these projects due to delay in work. I appeal government to resume work on priority, so that the funds meant for these projects won’t get lapse,” Thakur added.

Central government has sanctioned these projects for the development of state and welfare of people, government should utilize these funds for the betterment of people here.