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BJP’s victory march was organised in Jammu East constituency.

The march was led by the MLA Jammu East and party chief whip Sh. Rajesh Gupta and a large number of party activists and leaders participated.The participants were all joyous on the victory of the BJP in the Gujrat and Himachal assembly elections. They were chanting slogans in favour of BJP and its leaders PM Narinder Bhai Modi and National Party President Amit Bhai Modi
The march passed through various bazaars of the Jammu East including Lakhdatta Bazaar,Kanak Mandi,City Chowk,Link Road and Kachhi Chowni. Haluwa was also distributed among the people on the occasion.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion congratulated the party leaders and the cadres of the Gujrat and Himachal and said that the leadership of PM Narinder Bhai Modi and Shri Amit Shah would be victorious in all elections in future also and they would transform the destiny of this nation.
And also accompanied by kanak mandi traders association Anoop mittal & Vipan gupta, Lakhdatta bazar association kartar gupta, purani mandi traders association Rakesh gupta, Moti bazar traders association Chandan gupta, Paccadanga traders association Harish gupta and kali jani traders association ajay sawhney.
The Prominents who accompanied the MLA included Prof.sham, Sanjay mahey, Parveen kerni, Rajinder gupta, Ashwani sharma, Rajesh nischal, Rajkumar, Vikram sawhney, Sunny sehgal, Surinder annnad, Anita gupta, Pardeep sharma, Balkrishan and Subash annand.