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BJYM organized meeting of IT & Social Media Incharges of all the districts.

BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra chaired a meeting of BJYM IT, Print and Social Media Team. District Social Media incharges from different Districts also take actively part in the meeting. State social media incharge Rohit Verma & IT incharge Sourab Gupta organized the meeting which was also attended by State Vice-President & Prabhari IT and Social Media Smt. Anu Behnal Ghai. The aim of the meeting was to make a two way interface between the State team and District team so that all the activities of BJYM will be explored by the common masses on all social media platforms in all the three regions of the state.
Addressing the meeting, Dr. Magotra said that social media is playing an important role in present era, and as India has 65 percent of young generation in its total population, it becomes very popular in our country. He further said that social media has played a very important role in 2014 election in which our party shines at centre and INDIA get a very popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Dr. Magotra further said that it becomes possible only by social media platforms, that the world got to know about the work and development done by Narender Modi in Gujarat as Chief Minister, and hence he got mandate for PM not only from the peoples of country but also from the Indians who are settled abroad in different countries.
Dr. Magotra further said that, we have a very energetic team of IT & social media in state, and now it will be their responsibility to build such teams at District and mandal level so that there will be a complete social media chain from booth to Mandal, District and State Level. He further said that all the achievements and development of BJP led government at centre and coalition government at State must be shared on these pages so that the common masses can take benefits from the schemes started by our government at Centre and State. Dr. Magotra further said that social media platforms should promote the ideology of BJP which believes in “Nation first…Party second…self last” by doing selfless service. He further said that the photos and videos which are posted on social media platforms should maintain sanctity of the party ideology.
On the occasion, Rohit verma shares addresses of social media platforms, facebook page as BJYM4JK, twitter as BJYM_JK, Youtube as JKBJYM, Instagram as JKBJYM, wattsapp as 9070654321 and email as [email protected].
All the State team of IT & Social media were present included Print Media State incharge Hari Om Sharma, team secretary Vishesh Sharma, Twitter & Graphic Designer Vishal Sharma, Instagram & facebook Incharge Ankit Gupta and Ashish Kapoor. BJYM State Vice-President Munish Sharma, Secretary Rahul Viad and Ajay Manhas, State Jt. Office Secretary Er. Lalit Raina and social media incharges from different district were also present.