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Blunders of Cong responsible for all ills: BJP

In a joint press conference, the State BJP Spokespersons, Prof. Virender Gupta, Arun Gupta and Balbir Ram Rattan, said that some individual based parties those having no representation in the assembly are in the habit of making hue and cry on the prevailing situation and on non issues. They have been repeatedly demanding Governor rule in the state in order to remain in the news.

While reacting to the statements issued by opposition leaders, including Ghulam Nabi Azad and Farooq Abdullah, criticizing the PDP-BJP alliance government for the present turmoil in the Valley, the BJP State Spokespersons said that the parties to which these leaders belong to, had miserably failed in discharging their duties towards the people of Jammu & Kashmir and in particular to those residing on the borders, while in power. They added that the failure of NC-Congress to provide sensitive and responsive government to the public of the State resulted in their route in the last elections. They questioned the NC and Congress leaders’ role in the eruption of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and their policy of allowing free hand to separatist forces to create an explosive situation in the Valley, that turned out of control of the State Government led by their parties in 1990. After 1990, the situation in the Valley always remained tense and as a result, the unfortunate episode of 2008 and 2010 occurred. In 2008 it was Congress-PDP alliance government and Azad was heading the Government as Chief Minister, whereas in 2010, Congress was sharing power with National Conference with Omar as the Chief Minister.

The Spokespersons said that policies of Congress party at the Centre and the NC in the state are responsible for the present state of affairs and added that blunders committed by Pt. Nehru and other Congress leaders are mainly responsible for promoting separatism in the Valley.

They expressed their surprise that veteran  leaders of Congress and NC, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Farooq Abdullah, blamed PDP-BJP alliance government in the state for unrest in the Valley but did not say anything regarding the role of separatists and Pakistan in fomenting  the present trouble and these leaders also held Modi government at the Centre responsible for the explosive situation along the borders and ongoing unrest in the Valley, without uttering a single word  against the Pakistan, which is continuously engaged in heavy mortar shelling almost on 50 areas on the border causing causalities, both of civilians and security forces, damaging houses and crops and causing losses of cattle.

The Spokespersons termed Azad’s statement that BJP should not have formed government in alliance with PDP and the present unrest in Valley is the outcome of this decision, as most ill-logical and undemocratic and it amounts to suggest that National parties should wash their hand off the Valley in the matter of contesting the elections. They said that in a democracy the mandate of the people should be respected whether it is a regional or national party, if the people trusted it in the elections, it is obliged to participate in the government formation to honour their trust. They further said Azad’s statement also amounts to admission of the failure of Congress party to bring the people of the Valley in the National mainstream. The reminded Azad and Farooq Abdullah that policy of Vajpayee led NDA government to bring peace and normalcy, both on the borders and in the Valley, is still being appreciated by Pakistan and other concerned people.

PDP-BJP government performance in this crucial juncture has been far better than the previous government led by Omar Abdullah, who became too much nervous when abnormal floods created disastrous situation and failed to call even the cabinet meeting and gear up the administration to meet the challenge of adverse situation, even 15 days after the eruption of tragedy. NC-Congress alliance failed to meet even single promise that was made to the people of the state. The corruption was rampant and administration efficiency was at it lowest ebb during their rule. They added that the present alliance government continued its development activities and programmes for the welfare of the people, inspite of the disturbances and bandhs in the Valley. The people residing within 10 km of the border were asked to vacate their residences and government provided all types of help in getting their residential areas vacated and providing them suitable shelter including the bunkers.