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Budget session is paramount for welfare of the State: kavinder Gupta

The 4th session of the 12th legislative assembly commencing on the 2nd of January, 2017 will be introducing budget for the financial year 2017-18 and it is going to be a very crucial one for the holistic development of the state, Speaker J&K assembly, kavinder Gupta said.


In a press statement issued here today, the Speaker said, last year the government decided to schedule the budget session in the month of January, as early allocation of funds will fast track the development activities in the state and the money allocated can be fully utilized for the same.


Due to the sudden demise of our former chief Minister, Jenab Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in the month of January, 2016 the same policy was not implemented and the session was delayed till June, 2016 which created so many hurdles in the implementation of development as well as welfare schemes of the government due to the postponement of budget session, he said.


Terming this budget session as paramount for the welfare of the state, the Speaker said the annual financial statement of expenditure for 2017-18 and supplementary statement of expenditure for the 2016-17 will be introduced on 10th of January 2017 followed by the general discussion and demand for grants in the coming days with appropriation bills scheduled to be passed on 30th of January.


Appealing to the legislators, he said the state belong to all of us but the legislators have more responsibility towards the welfare of the state and they should contribute positively and strengthen the hands of the government by taking part in the discussion process and set an example by avoiding the disruption of proceedings of the assembly.


He added that no one will be deprived of their right of putting forth issues related to the public importance and every legislator will be given a fair chance but no leniency will be shown to person adopting unconstitutional means for projecting their demands.