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Chander Mohan Sharma addressing a media conference today at Jammu

Adv. Chander Mohan Sharma, Senior leader of J&K BJP & Convenor Namami Gange Mission/Tawi Andolan calls for immediate stop on the practice of observing July 13 as Kashmir’s Martyr’s Day and State holiday.

Addressing a media conference here today at Jammu he said that it is mockery on the history where in villains are being glorified as martyrs Truth must prevail Whole world knows that incident of 13 July in Srinagar was an outcome of a conspiracy hatched by Brtishers against Maharaja for his refusal to handover Galgit agency to Britshers. Abdul Qadir a Muslim from Rawalpindi was assigned play the role of inciting the communal passions amongst the Kashmiri Muslims. Shiekh Abdulla joined the conspiracy. As a result there was a mass attempt of Jail break to get Abdul Qadir freed from the course of law. The Magistrate after lot of persuasions to dipurse, had to order fire on recalcitrant to save the court of law and the Jail precincts. There after the freziened mob attacked minorities houses and establishments, killed them and forcibly converted them not only in Srinagar but also in out circuits of Kashmir. Calling this mania as upsurge against the ruler of the time is biggest lie projected by Shiekh Abdulla and his Muslim conference, present day NC. How the culprits of rioting can be cherished as the martyrs.

PERPETUAL celebration of so called martyrs day or’yaomeshouda” has given rise to fundamentalism and separatism so much so that this un democratic and unjust attitude which is telling upon the basic fibre of our society. I call upon the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to come out of to abolish this unhealthy practice to follow the footsteps of her visionary father who had adopted nation as a whole as his political constituency and not limited himself into the narrow politics of Kashmir valley only.

Other present in the Press Conference include Joginder Khajuria, Ramesh Gupta Shishupal Singh, Ashwani Gupta, Pradeep Baru and Ram Prasad Gupta.