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Channelize young blood for sustainable nation building: Sh. Kavinder Gupta

Speaker Jammu & Kashmir legislative Assembly and MLA Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta attended a program on the sidelines of first anniversary of K-16 Health Club as Chief Guest.

The event was organized by the management of the club under the supervision of renowned weight lifters; youths in large numbers participated in the program.

While applauding the efforts of the management, the Speaker said that such institutions are the need of the hour; as they have many positive effects in changing the outlook of the society.

The Speaker said these events and the institutions are working effectively in fighting against the divergent forces perpetuating in the society by effectively channelizing the young blood to stay healthy and work for the nation building.

He said, such activities should be promoted to prepare the young people to meet the challenges of future through such coordinated and progressive programs, these things doesn’t only promote physical health but also inculcate the habits of hard work , discipline and positive attitude towards life.

The Speaker felicitated the young boys and girls who performed well and earned name and fame for the state in various events organized from time to time throughout the country and at international level as well.

Taking pledge of “Saying No to Drugs”, the Speaker asked the youngsters to adopt natural diet for meeting their nutritional needs and doesn’t rely on any artificial mean of diet; it will not only help them to stay healthy and fit but will help in the long run, he added.

He further said that development of the nation and its sustainability can be realized through youth participation and for the same the health of the youth should be prioritized and such programs should be promoted.