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Charak Biradri hails Vikramaditya’s resignation over Jammu issues

Jammu Kashmir Charak Biradri  hailed Vikramaditya Singh’s resignation from PDP over issue of Jammu region and Dogra’s.

In a statement, Rajeev Charak, president of Charak Biradri said that Vikramaditya Singh take a right step and left the anti-Jammu party, which has history of fueling divide between the people.

As per preplanned conspiracy, Kashmir centric tried to destroy Dogra history and inclusion of this in school textbooks is revival of it but unfortunately PDP ignored it,”

He added the growing demand of birthday on Maharaj Hari Singh’s birthday also hurt the sentiment of Jammu region. Reminding PDP’s in 2008 Amarnath land row agitation, Charak said, People of Jammu should boycott the leaders of PDP and other Kashmir centric parties.