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Cong leader making false allegations in frustration : BJP

Stat unit of BJP today lashed out at Congress for what it stated the party leaders spreading malicious propaganda against the government and making allegations which have no base.

BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while reacting to the charges by PCC Senior Vice-President & former Minister  on  PDP-BJP government,  said that the fact of the matter remains Congress  has turned issueless, which is why its leaders are making  statements  almost on daily basis against the government just to mislead the people.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that the Congress leaders are targeting the state government through false and misleading utterances which is nothing but outburst of frustration over the reality that PDP-BJP alliance government is doing well on all fronts, public welfare being the core of its governance. Both the coalition partners,  PDP and BJP, have done splendid work during the last two years and are fulfilling the promises made to the people during the election campaigning for  Assembly elections. Despite several odds due to long spell of turmoil in Valley, the government did not lose its focus towards other two regions, he said adding that Jammu and its people are being given priority by the government in ensuring smooth supply of electricity and water and making available other basic requirements for survival.

Balbir reminded the Congress leader that the people had rejected his party and displayed trust in BJP’s slogan of providing good governance and wiping out corruption in the state.

“Today the PDP-BJP coalition feels pride in claiming that not even a single case of corruption has taken place and work culture has been introduced with total accountability, Balbir said and added that it would have been appreciable had the Congress leader compared the two years rule of the present coalition with the rule of previous governments of Congress and NC.

Balbir further said that today, when Congress is out of power, it has developed sudden affection for Displaced Persons from PoJK and Refugees from West Pakistan, while these sections remained ignored during the rule of the successive governments of the Congress. It is better he takes a look back into the years Congress ruled the state and how these sections were treated by successive governments of which Congress remained major ally.
Balbir said that it goes without saying  BJP is deeply concerned for the unemployed youth but it will certainly not do anything that amounts to their exploitation as was done during the previous governments.