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Cong leader should change his view point: Baru

Terming the statement of a senior leader of Congress & former Minister as outcome of frustration of being out of power, BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, has advised the said leader to change his view point before going public. He said that Jugal Kishore Sharma of Congress has made false, fabricated and politically motivated allegations on the BJP-PDP coalition government in the state. When the Congress leader talks of governance and administration, the people has the right to question him about the kind of politics played by Congress and the type of governance they delivered while in power for decades. It is the present coalition in Jammu and Kashmir which has set the things in right direction and people are enjoying corruption free, good governance. He said that the Congress had been mother of all ills and malpractices and after taking over the power, sincere efforts have been made to undo the wrongs of Chair hungry Congress

Baru said that the dilapidated state of scenario, which had been existing in various departments of public dealing was the result of the ill governance unleashed by the successive Congress led Governments, owing to the sole aim of Congressmen be the self profits. He said that if Congress, along with the other political parties, had worked with just one percent of the motivation to serve the society and the nation, India would have been a better place to live. During the rule of the Congress Governments, the people were in despair and were keeping their fingers crossed, so that they could not hear the news of some new scam during their breakfast tea.

He claimed that, it is the deeds of the 70 years of Congress ill motivated governance, that is today taking time to be weeded out and said that soon, the people of Jammu and Kashmir along with the rest of India will see their Nation reaching the era of being developed Nation. Today, being rendered jobless, the Opposition running out of issues, is trying to put the blame of their inefficiency on the present dispensation, but the public is well aware of the works done by the present government, he added.

Baru also cited the examples of the speedy works for the construction of the roads, provision of the better infrastructure for the electricity, bringing premier health and educational institutions, besides giving befitting reply to the enemies both within and outside the border.