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Cong leaders have nothing to claim: Harinder

BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, while reacting to the allegations of former Minister & Congress General Secretary Dr. Manohar Lal that BJP’s wrong policies have affected development, said that it is a white lie as ten month rule of BJP coalition witnessed massive development in the state as its prime policy was pro-people and development centric.

Harinder Gupta said that the BJP had sought votes on the promise of good governance, development and ending corruption and every sincere effort was made to fulfil the poll promises. He said that the major achievement of the previous government, which had Congress as coalition partner, was that Jammu and Kashmir became one of the most corrupt state in the country.
“Does Congress leaders recognize it as their achievement and the firm resolve of BJP to weed out corruption as failure”, said Harinder Gupta and added that the people are well aware about corruption and the parties which promoted this practice in the state while sharing power.
Harinder Gupta said that people of the state had well understood that Congress, NC and Panthers, while in power as coalition partners during the last few decades, did nothing for common citizens despite the fact that the voters had displayed full trust on them and given many opportunities to prove their concern and commitment for welfare, development and people-friendly governments. “These parties were shown way and BJP was given a chance by the people as they wanted to get rid of such parties which made false promises and in reality never bothered to think of a common man”, Harinder Gupta said adding that the Congress leaders in particular are making repeated attempts to malign the image of BJP but none of them will succeed and people will once again punish this party in forthcoming elections of ULBs and Panchayats. He appealed the public not to trust Congress leaders as they have once again become active to mislead and deceive the innocent people to seek votes in ULBs and Panchayats.