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Cong leaders trying to divert people’s attention from their failures: Sanjay Baru

BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru today accused the leaders of Congress party for playing political gimmicks with the people of state rather than attending to popular agonies caused by their decades old rule of miss-governance and said that after failed to fulfil the expectations of people they are trying to divert the attention of people from their failures.

In a statement, Sanjay Baru said after being fed up from the rule of the Congress party, which was full of discrimination and corruption, people of the state first time decided to vote for the BJP.

“After ruling the state for decades, people are now awaken and opted to vote for the BJP party. They know it better that it is the BJP, which can fulfil their expectations,” he said.

Holding Congress leaders responsible for betraying the people of the state, Baru said that people of the State want now progress and development, youth want to have bright careers. They know that the policies of BJP under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi can bring the state as well as the country on the path of development and first time in the Indian History, the budget of the Modi government is dedicated to the poor.

The inclusive agenda propagated by BJP alone can bridge the wedge created by the Congress leaders among the people of this state and further urged the people not to get befooled by the sterile rhetoric of Congress leaders and said that these leaders are insulting the people’s verdict and trying to divert the attention of people from their failures.

He said that the Congress leaders, who claimed themselves as the so called caretakers of Jammu, have stabbed them in their back and asked the people to be extra vigilant against such leaders, who are trying to destabilize democratic foundations and centuries old secular faith, to divert people’s attention from their total failure to provide promised governance.