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Congress flirting with nation’s enemies for lust of power: Brig Anil Gupta

An article published in Sunday Guardian dated 18 December 2016 exposed the Congress leadership’s desperation and mindset, “Modi’s massive win and Congress’s complete decimation in 2014 had led the Congress along with its Lutyens moles to adopt a policy of total war with Rahul Gandhi at its helm against the government and PM Narendra Modi, the fact is that RaGa “has been working to a plan to derail Modi from the start”. Contra-Modi plan also envisages help from nations and agencies inimical to India, with the singular aim of dethroning legitimately chosen government by the people and to snatch power from it at any cost.
The plan unfolded with a number of pro-Pakistan and anti-Modi statements by prominent Congress leaders immediately after Modi government assumed the rein of power. Former external affairs minister and senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid while delivering invitation lecture at the Jinnah Institute in Islamabad in November 2015 was all praise for Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif, who not very long ago had referred to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as “Dehati Aurat”, while sparing no effort to lash out at own Prime Minister Modi. Incidentally, Salman Khursid was nation’s foreign minister when Nawaz had used these words for the country’s prime minister. Mani Shankar Aiyar, a senior Congress leader and close confidant of Gandhi family in a panel discussion on Pakistan’s Dunya TV said, “The first and the foremost thing is to remove Modi. Only then can the talks move forward. We have to wait for four more years. “Bring us (the Congress) back to power and remove them. There is no other way (to better the relations). We will remove them, but till then you (Pakistan) have to wait.” Indirectly, he was seeking Pakistan’s assistance to remove duly elected government of Modi to bring Congress back to power mid-course. The statement was not accidental but by design.
Congress has always maintained a soft stand against Pak-sponsored terrorism. Digvijay Singh providing cover to Hafiz Saeed by blaming RSS for the 26/11 carnage or calling Osama bin Laden as “Osamaji”, Congress Defence Minister A K Antony describing Pakistani terrorists as ‘merely dressed in Pakistani Army uniforms’, Saif ud Din Soz opposing killing of Burhan Wani and Sanjay Nirupam questioning the “surgical strikes” are a few examples. The entire nation is witness to Former Home Minister Sushil Shinde’s coining of the phrase of “saffron terror” and his successor Chidambaram advocating for removal of AFSPA from J&K and seconding the demand of “Greater Autonomy” as well as his pro-separatist statements. None of the Congress leaders have so far appreciated the NIA for its stupendous effort in exposing Hurriyat and the terror funding network.
Even dreaded terrorist Hafiz Saeed praised the Congress party in an interview to Pak Zem TV and said, “Not everyone in Bharat is like this – there are good people there too in media and politics. But one segment is against me, my organisation (JuD) and Pakistan. They blame Pakistan for everything; to hide their mistakes, to hide their terrorist faces…they use my name. I talk of Kashmir, but they change the subject and to fool the world they blame me for terror activities. But there are people like Barkha Dutt too in Bharat, who talk well and make sense. Even Congress has recently made a statement asking BJP not to blame Pakistan but to look at how they (BJP) have oppressed the people of Kashmir and committed atrocities. Congress has said that by blaming Pakistan, you cannot solve the Kashmir issue. So I believe there are good people too in Bharat. Modi and the people around him have decided to defame me as a terrorist in front of the whole world, just to hide atrocities committed by them against their own people. This is their ploy.”
An absconder as per the records of J&K police, youth Congress leader from Kashmir Suleman Nizami, who had supported the ‘Azadi’ of Kashmir and called the Indian Army ‘rapist’ is a star campaigner for Congress party in ongoing Gujarat elections. In a tweet, he went to the extent of questioning PM Modi’s origin and who his parents were. A known anti-national and pro-Pakistan, Suleman Nizami is a frequent tweeter in which he spits venom against India and Indian Army. A radical Kashmiri leader and hard core supporter of terrorist Afzal Guru, calls for Azad Kashmir & says ‘har ghar se Afzal nikalega’. While the JKPCC disowns him, he is being patronised by the central leadership, what a hypocrisy?
At the height of Doklam crisis, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accompanied by his brother in law Robert Vadhra, who holds no official position, held a secret meeting with the Chinese ambassador in New Delhi. No Indian, least of all Congress can forget how China backstabbed India even after years of Nehruvian ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’. Till 2003, China refused to recognize Sikkim as a part of India. Even recently, China threatened to encourage separatist movements in Sikkim if India did not hand over Bhutanese Doklam Plateau to China. Chinese media even went to the extent of threatening of ‘Third party’ intervention in Kashmir at Pakistan’s request. Given the sensitivity of the situation and the well- known track record of the Chinese to foment internal trouble to gain ground by encouraging in-fighting, as they did in Nepal by supporting its Maoists, why did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese ambassador in secret and that too with his tainted brother in law? The secrecy in which the meeting was wrapped and the Congress Party’s initial denial of any such meeting gives rise to a ‘conspiracy theory’.
A few days back at the peak of campaigning for Gujarat elections, the Congress leadership again decided to meet the Pakistan’s ambassador at the residence of Mani Shankar Aiyar in New Delhi. The meeting among others was also attended by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. While the nation is aghast, the Congress party is trying to cover its back by saying that the meet was convened to discuss improvement in Indo-Pak relations. Did they seek permission from Ministry of External Affairs or it had any mandate to convene this meeting? Surprisingly or as a matter of coincidence, a retired Pakistani General tweeted at the same time recommending Gandhi family’s loyalist Ahmad Patel as next Chief Minister of Gujarat. Unable to digest the fact that the Congress party has been rejected out rightly by the nation and denied the opportunity to rule, its leadership is so desperate to regain power that it does not hesitate to even flirt with the nation’s known enemies. The Contra-Modi Plan of Congress is unfolding as per planned script and is likely to gain momentum with Rahul Gandhi elevated as Congress President as per the dynastic tradition of the Party.