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Congress leader misleading the people :BJP

Rejecting the baseless and false statement of Congress senior leader & sitting MLA from Inderwal G.M. Saroori that coalition government’s policies are pushing the state towards dark age and that Congress party has never discriminated with any of the regions in the State, the Jammu and Kashmir BJP has termed the same as outcome of mere frustration due to repeated defeats of the Congress party.

Making a passionate appeal to the people of the State not to get misled by such statements of the leaders of Congress like G.M. Saroori and others of his ilk, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said that gone are the days when Congress used to play its politics based on  false slogans and promises adding that the people are more aware now and cannot be made to believe anything with folded eyes.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that the BJP has entered into alliance with the PDP with an understanding of ending corruption and providing good governance in the state and during over one and half year not a single case of corruption has been found and work culture been introduced coupled with accelerating the development works with zero compromise on quality. All these show that the present coalition government is taking the state towards golden age and not towards the dark age, as has been wrongly alleged by the Congress senior leader.

“As far Congress leader’s false claim that his party has never discriminated with any of the regions in the state, the BJP is of the view that it would be better for the leader not to open the pages of their rule in the state when it formed the governments on its own or in coalition with regional parties because the same will expose them fully, Balbir said and added that there are number of instances which are clear proofs as to how Jammu region had been subjected to repeated discrimination in the past.

Will Mr. Saroori explain as why Jammu region has less number of Assembly seats as compared to Kashmir, despite the fact it deserves more as per the laid down parameters and who had been in power during the times when such things happened? Is it not true that Jammu region has very less share in government jobs in Civil Secretariat and whether it was not Congress in the governments during all those years when these recruitments were made? The list is very long and these are just some examples of discrimination with Jammu region from the years when Congress had been in power, Balbir said.

The wrong policies of the past governments in the State made people of Ladakh feel isolated and discriminated, which left them with no option but to demand ST status, Balbir said and advised the Congress leader to not further let down his party by making such statements, which are beyond reality and hits his own party.