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Congress leaders ignore NDA’s developmental governance: Sanjay Baru

The NDA government having launched many epochal development schemes for the upliftment and progress of all people and hailed by all sections of the society and has enthused the entire nation. To cover up their scam laced rule during the past decade, the congress leaders are deliberately turning nelson’s eye to this positive onset of good governance. The congress leaders are indulging in criticizing the Modi led NDA government to divert the attention of the people from the scam free era of development, said State Secretary Sanjay Baru in a statement to the press.
Reacting sharply to the uncalled for protests by the congress leaders, who are criticizing PM Modi on one and another pretext, Baru said that Congress leaders when they were ministers never used to came out of their air-conditioned offices to address the issues being faced by the people of their constituencies.
“Now, when the NDA government under the dynamic leadership of PM Narendra Modi is trying to bring the derailed economy on the path of development, the congress leaders are leaving no stone unturned to criticize the government for the reasons best known to them,” he said.
Despite failure to initiate any development work during their tenure of ten years rule, the leaders of UPA government indulged only in huge scams and mass corruption and never bothered about the people who voted them.
It is for the first time that the NDA government presented a historical budget, which is suitable for every section of the society and also fulfills the dream of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar.
The BJP leader further advised to the congress leaders to study the historical budget to clear their misconception about the PM Modi, who is doing everything to make this country a proud developed nation.