Our Vision Documents



“There should be competition among states for development; I want to hear states saying they have left Gujarat behind”.

Narendra Modi

“We must build an agenda for speedy yet sustainable economic growth that is inclusive of all, is respectful of individuals, responsive to innovation and responsible towards the future generations”

Narendra Modi

“Development takes place when there is public participation. This government will work with the people of the country for development. Growth and development have to become a public movement.”

Narendra Modi

“It is a fact that Centre has been pumping in huge sums of money for the development of this state, more than any other state in the country, but still this state lacks in terms of development. Where has all this money gone?”

Amit Shah





To make Jammu & Kashmir a peaceful, progressive and developed state of the Union of India through holistic and inclusive development of all the three regions namely Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.




T- Tourism

I- Infrastructure

M- Modernization

E- Empowerment & Employment


Relief and Rehabilitation


The first major work at hand would be to provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims of the fury of unprecedented rain fall in the first week of September. We will accelerate the relief and rehabilitation measures in a Mission Mode. Favouritism will be curbed and justice ensured to all the aggrieved individuals and families. Direct cash transfer in the accounts of the affected persons will also be ensured.






Tourism is the mainstay of the state’s economy. Tourism not only generates employment but also earns foreign exchange provided we are able to provide world class facilities to the international tourists. The tourism in J&K will be developed on the lines of Switzerland to make it a preferred destination for both domestic and international tourists. Nature has been very kind to our state by providing excellent tourist spots in all the three regions of the state. A focused road map for development of all the tourist spots in the state will be put in place. The following will be the key areas of attention:-


Address the problems of house boat owners.

Upgrade Gulmarg Ski Resort.

Set up a Skill Development Centre for tourist services.

Promote Rural, Adventure, Border, Winter and Religious tourism as well as water sports.

Harness the Heritage tourism.

Trout fishing to be developed as a major tourist attraction.

Restore the beauty of lakes and other water bodies and ensure their conservation.

Develop world class infrastructure at designated tourist spots.

Provide round the year connectivity to Ladakh region.

Extend rail link to Ladakh via Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh.

Construct Chadar Road in Ladakh.

Open Kailash-Mansarovar Road.

Establish tourist circuits like Chenani-Sudh Mahdev-Maantalai-Latti-Dudu and Ramnagar-Majori-Basantgarh.

Also establish tourist circuits like Lakhanpur-Basholi- Bani- Dhaggar- Machedi- Sukralamata and Bilawar.

Develop border Tourism circuit to include Jammu- Ramgarh- R S Pura- Jammu and Akhnoor- Jourian- Pallanawala- Jammu.

Undertake tourist projects in Rajouri, Poonch, Reasi, Kishtwar, Doda and Kargil Districts.

Develop Balidan Stambh in Jammu as a major tourist spot.

Restore the glory of historic forts and palaces.



The state needs world class infrastructure, which is commensurate in quality and quantity with our goal of making Jammu & Kashmir a preferred global tourist destination. Restoration of environment also forms a major component of infrastructure development, whose criticality has been witnessed time and again through the effect of natural disasters as and when they occur.



Create a network of feeder roads (FR) to connect growth centers to tehsil and district headquarters and arterial road systems as well as provide a link from one growth center to another.

Road connectivity to each village with a population of 1000 in the plains and 500 in the hilly area.

Re open Basholi- Sarthal- Bhaderwah Road.

Construct tunnels on Srinagar-Leh and Manali- Upshi road to ensure round the year connectivity between Ladakh and rest of the country.

Construct tunnel at Khardungla.

Construct a new motor able bridge on river Indus at Angling-Palam

Open road to Mount Kailash through Changthang, Ladakh

Four laning of Jammu – Akhnoor- Rajouri-Poonch Road

Construct alternative road to Kishtwar.

Extend rail network in the entire Kashmir valley and to Ladakh via Bilaspur in Himachal.

Approach the union government for rail link with Rajouri-Poonch and also Udhampur- Ramkot-Bilawar- Basholi.

Air link to Poonch, Doda, Kishtwar and Kargil

To reduce entry tax on telecom equipment to give boost to development of telecom infrastructure thereby improving the reach and quality of mobile connectivity & services. Extend mobile connectivity to all the areas in the state.

Complete all incomplete irrigation schemes

Special campaign for restoring old water streams, public wells and other water bodies.

Launching new irrigation schemes for the Kandi Belt.

Encourage use of drip irrigation.



Optimally exploit the rich water sources of the state for commercial hydro power generation. The state has a potential of 14,000 MW of hydro power.

Micro, mini and small (up to 25 MW) hydro power projects will be launched to provide cost-effective electricity to the remote villages.

Provide 24×7 electricity and water supply throughout the state.

Enhance power generation using alternative sources such as solar, wind & bio – mass.

Ensure load-shedding free J&K through minimizing transmission and distribution losses and theft of electricity.

LED for all street lights to conserve electricity.

Make the state self – sufficient in power generation.


Information Technology

Develop Kashmir and suitable areas of Jammu province as hubs of IT industry like the Silicon Valley.

Fastest broad band network – affordable price – across J&K to promote tourism and internet for all.

Promote hardware manufacturing and software development.


Social Infrastructure

The human development to a large extent depends on social infrastructure like education, health care, housing, civic amenities, child – care and care of senior citizens.


Learn & Earn schemes for 12th class pass students focused on skill development & enhancing technical competency.

Skill development programmes for 8th – 10th standard students.

Establish University in Ladakh.

Implement ‘Right to Education’ act.

Provide free education to girl students at all levels.

Provide ‘easy term’ loans to students desirous of pursuing higher professional education.

Introduce computer training in all schools from 4th standard onwards.

Ensure access to primary education in all villages

Create more institutions for vocational and higher studies.

Develop sports infrastructure and sports academies throughout the state.

Open a Sports University.

Set up modern hi – tech Health centers in all the districts.

Open more super – specialty hospitals.

Give boost to telemedicine.

Make available critical care Ambulances in all the districts.

Open Sarais at Jammu and Srinagar for lodging the relatives of patients undergoing medical treatment in super – specialty hospitals.

Eradicating malnutrition and child deaths.

Guaranteed free medical facilities for senior citizens.

State – wide awareness to tackle menace of TB, Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart ailments and diseases like AIDS and Ebola.

Easy loans for doctors keen on establishing dispensaries and health care centers in remote & far flung areas.

Integrated mobile dispensaries for nomadic population.

Make up the deficiency of para-medical and nursing staff in the hospitals and dispensaries.

Develop Jammu & Srinagar as smart cities.

Special emphasis on improvement of civic amenities in Jammu & Srinagar cities and all other district head quarters.



Protect all lakes and waterbodies form encroachment.

Ambitions plan to halt pollution of rivers and other waterbodies.

Stringent measures to reduce levels of air and noise pollution.

Special efforts will be undertaken to conserve forests & wildlife sanctuaries.

Evolve mechanism for marketing of forest produce thus generating employment.

Water Conservation

Rainwater harvesting will be encouraged to increase ground water level. Special tax incentives to encourage implementation of the same.

Timely maintenance of water supply system.

Promote and revive traditional methods of water conservation like ‘Boulis’ and ‘Talabs’.

Disaster Management

Evolve & implement a comprehensive Flood Prevention and Management plan.

Mock drills regarding floods, earthquake, fire & terrorist attacks at regular intervals in schools, college & offices.

Setting up efficient system for disaster mitigation and providing aid to affected people.

Determining administrative accountability during various disasters.


Restoration of Ecological Balance

Launch a special drive for afforestation to compensate for reckless denuding of the forest cover in the state. Approach the Ministry of Defence for raising three Territorial Army Ecological (TA) (Eco) battalions in the State, one each for the three regions for restoration of the ecological balance.



People of Jammu & Kashmir are yearning for good governance since long. Bharatiya Janata Party assures them a corruption-free, responsive and people-friendly government with singular agenda of good governance and development. The government offices will be modernized to make them more efficient and systematic.

Good Governance and Law and Order

Digitalization of govt. offices to curb corruption & give people access through online web-portal to check status of work.

Launch e-portal & mobile app “My Government” to encourage people’s participation in governance.

Ensure a corruption free and people-friendly Govt.

Ensuring financial discipline by controlling wasteful expenditures, plugging financial leakage, improving investment climate and eradicating corruption.

Speedy implementation of pending projects; special emphasis on tackling imbalance in development across various regions.

Implementation of E-Governance.

Keep all public authorities out of political influence.

Modernize the police and ensure implementation of Police Reforms Act.

‘Citizens’ Charter Cell’ at every police station – easy registration of FIRs & track police resistance to lodge FIRs.

Modernization & up gradation of police stations.

Set up an Administrative Reforms Commission with a view to streamlining of the administration and make it responsive and accountable.

Strengthen and activate State Accountability Commission.

Undertake measures to simplify, enlarge and strengthen the Right to Information Act.

Modernize labour laws, put an end to ‘Inspector Raj’ to encourage establishment of industry in the State.

Empower Panchayats and other self-governing institutions to enable them to cater to the immediate needs of people at the grass roots level.


Revival of Industries


Encourage outside investment in J&K by providing transparent system of industrial package and incentives.

Establish cement factory in Basohli area.

Reintroduce the scheme of tax holidays for 10 years for industrial units in J&K.

Ensure 24×7 electricity supply to industrial units.

Start single window clearance system for establishing new industries.

Give financial incentives to the existing units, including sick units, for their substantial expansion.

Encourage such industries which use local raw material like food processing, agro-based industries, wood based and sports goods industries, bio-chemical industry, silk, wool and leather based industries.

Create an environment for establishment of medium and large scale industries to generate employment.

Encourage local trade and industry by providing additional incentives.





Bharatiya Janata Party believes in inclusive growth and in empowering all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Growing unemployment is a major cause of concern. Bharatiya Janata Party has identified low level of employment opportunities as the main cause for this trend. Thus, focus would be on heightened economic activities and launching of developmental projects thereby creating demand for both skilled and unskilled jobs. The employers will be directed to give preference to the local youth.


Women Empowerment

Give 33% reservation in Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

Introduce Pt. Prem Nath Dogra Women Economic Empowerment & Welfare Programme.

Give property rights to children of daughters of the state married outside the State with non-State Subjects.

Open Anganwaries in every Village.

Set up Anganwari Women Welfare Board for economic regeneration of Anganwari workers.

Construct working women hostel in each district headquarters.


Farmers’ Empowerment

Create a network of state of the art mandis with support facilities (finance, logistics, communications etc.) as well as post harvest management facilities like grading and sorting, pack houses and chilling facilities.

Issue multi-purpose pass-books / credit cards to the farmers for easy loans and other financial benefits.

Introduce Crop Insurance Schemes.

Ensure cheaper credit to farmers, one time waiver of interest on crop loan and maximum utilization of water for agricultural process.

Abolish rationing of fertilizers and ensure availability in open market.

Include Mango and Citrus fruit growers in minimum support price scheme.

Set up fruit processing units, develop new agricultural produce markets and construct Kisan Bhawan in each district of the State.

Promote establishment of processed food manufacturing units.

Promote organic and herbal farming in Kandi belt and lower Himalayan region.

Establish Cold Storage Chains.

Youth Empowerment

Lay emphasis on Skill Development of the youth for enhanced employment opportunities.

Create suitable employment opportunities for youth whose name figures in the list maintained by Employment Exchange for five years.

Encourage vocational training to unemployed youth.

Undertake recruitment drive for unemployed technocrats and agricultural graduates.

Issue Dogra Certificate to the eligible youth.

Open a University of Performing Arts to boost cultural competence and creation of self employment opportunities in the State.



Social Justice

Include the leftover families in the ambit of BPL so that they are also provided subsidized food and healthcare facilities.

Launch “Food for All” Programme in all districts to ensure that people having no source of livelihood are provided free food.

Ensure free of cost education to the children of economically weak scheduled castes, backward classes and scheduled tribes.

Ensure that the SCs, OBCs and BCs are benefitted from all the schemes launched by the Central Govt.

Ensure that the ST communities including Gujjar, Bakerwals, Sippis and Gaddis are brought at par with their counterparts in the rest of the country.

Politically empower the Chopan community and similar other neglected communities.


Empowerment of Ex-servicemen & Martyr’s Families


Provide 6% vertical reservation including in Police.

Exempt VAT on goods sold through CSD canteens till such time GST is introduced.

Launch a scheme ‘Arms to Farms’, in which soft loans would be provided to ex-servicemen for herbal cultivation to include Lavender Farms.

Create an exclusive Veterans’ Cell within the Home Ministry. It would have a representative of the veterans nominated by the government.

Provide land at cheap rates for establishment of Sainik Colonies in major cities and towns.


Refugees and Border Residents

Settle the genuine claims of 1947 refugees from Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Give compensation to the refugees of 1965 and 1971 and all the border migrants. Their rehabilitation will be given top priority.

Grant citizenship rights, including right to vote in Assembly and local-bodies elections, right to immovable property, right to higher and technical education, right to state government jobs to the refugees from West Pakistan.

Abolish the custodian department and allot the evacuee property to the occupants of the said properties.

Establish parity in the ex-gratia paid to those killed in cross border firing and terrorist violence.

Start special recruitment drive in J&K Police and other belt forces for the border residents.

Allot 5 Marla plots to border residents in the ‘safe zone’ in the rear.

Reserve five seats for POJK refugees out of 24 left vacant in the Assembly for POJK and three for displaced Kashmiris out of the 46 seats earmarked for Kashmir Valley.

SRO No. 43 will be made applicable to those killed due to cross border firing.


Displaced Kashmiri Pandits

Initiate the process of justice and honourable re-settlement of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir Valley.

Create livable conditions in exile in Jammu and elsewhere in the state until their proper rehabilitation in the Valley.

To initiate steps for the resumption of pilgrimage to the ancient Sharda Temple and make provisions for the establishment of a Sharda University, as also the inclusion of Devnagri as an alternate script for Kashmiri language.

Keep in view the urgent need for the revival of their hoary religious and cultural traditions and their spiritual and emotional linkages with their shrines, temples and institutions of learning.