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Congress needs to introspect rather than blame BJP: Brig Anil Gupta

“Rather than gracefully accepting the verdict of the people Congress leadership is trying to blame Bharatiya Janata Party for all its continuous flop shows at the electoral battles one after the other. The Congress itself is responsible for its down fall because of its own follies and reluctance to draw lessons from its failure and institute corrective measures. The party’s belief in “dynasty” rather than “merit” is one of the major causes of its down fall. It is still not too late that the party carries out a serious “manthan” rather than shifting the blame on BJP,” stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the Party in a press release issued by the Party. The Ostrich-like approach of the Congress prevents it from looking beyond the Gandhi family under whose leadership the party has been reduced from a Pan-India party into a regional party with only two major Congress-ruled states in the country. On the contrary, the people of the country have imposed faith in the “development agenda” and sterling leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi by installing BJP led governments in 18 states of the country, a record by itself, highlighted the statement.
Rather than rejoicing at alleged bursting of “balloon of BJP’s falsehood”, Congress needs to prevent its own boat from sinking and “Hand” becoming extinct forever advised Brig Gupta. Congress is trying to rejoice by terming the defeat in Gujarat as a “moral victory” because it has to justify the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as its President since he is visualised as an “icon of defeat” across the nation. But the fact is that despite Congress trying its best to revive caste-based politics in Gujarat failed to halt the BJP juggernaut from sixth successive victory defeating the “incumbency” factor but failed to save its own government in Himachal Pradesh after a lack-lustre performance in a single tenure. With its opposition of far-reaching economic policies of Modi government, Congress is visualised by the nation as a party lacking vision and not fit to rule, stated Brig Gupta.
Congress is the leader of the “alliance of corrupt” and responsible for downward trend in nation’s growth due to its patronisation of leaders blamed for looting the national exchequer. Its leaders are making loud statements of victimisation in view of the 2G scam verdict failing to realise that the CBI has decided to appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court where the ultimate truth will come out. The tainted glasses worn by the Congress leaders prevent them from seeing the holistic development being carried out by BJP led central government across the board in all sectors. Congress has become a party of “excuses”, from faulty EVMs to political vendetta, Congress has tried its best to cover its follies and failures but it needs to accept the ground realities and acknowledge anger of the people over its decade long misrule, advised Brig Gupta. The nation will never let “Dynasty” overtake “Development” as per the press release.