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Congress needs to set its own house in order first: BJP

The joint statement issued by a few senior Congress leaders accusing BJP-PDP Govt of following footsteps of separatists is not only misleading but smacks of a bigger conspiracy to hoodwink the people of Jammu. The statement has also exposed the dual-face of Congress whose leaders in Kashmir and at the Centre are openly making pro-separatist statements not only now but ever since they have been shown the door by the people. What explanation have these leaders to give to the people of Jammu over their Valley based leaders openly aligning with the separatists to oppose establishment of Sainik Colony and Kashmiri Pandit colonies in Kashmir, questioned Prof Virender Gupta and Brig. Anil Gupta, State Spokespersons of Bharatiya Janata Party in a joint statement issued by the Party?
“It was the Congress President with his cronies who sat on ‘Dharna’ opposing establishment of Sainik Colony at Srinagar on the very first day of the opening of the summer secretariat at Srinagar. Similarly, on the issue of NEET, these leaders supported the separatists and openly advocated that NEET should not be applicable to J&K because of its special status, whereas the concerned authorities had already clarified that they would merely be conducting an all-India exam and preparing state-wise merit lists”, reminded the spokespersons.
Referring to the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir, Brig Gupta said that stand of the Congress throughout has been pro-separatist. Citing examples and challenging the Congress party to refute them he asked “Did Ghulam Nabi Azad not refer to POJK as ‘Azad Kashmir’ in his speech in the Parliament during discussion on Kashmir? Isn’t this the language of separatists? Did Jyotiraditya Scindia demand “Rai Shumari (Plebiscite)” while participating in the same debate? Was it accidental or part of a pro-separatist design?” Despite whatever Jammu based leaders of the Congress may say they are not in sync with the rest of the leaders of their party. They are fooling only themselves if they think that by shedding crocodile tears they will be able to hoodwink the wise and intelligent people of Jammu.
The statements of leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyyar, P Chidambaram and Saif-ud-din Soz advocating ‘greater autonomy’ is nothing but betrayal of the people of Jammu and Ladakh who are equal stake-holders and are opposed to the very idea of ‘greater autonomy’ that smacks of separatism. It is obvious beyond doubt that the Jammu based leaders of Congress either have been divorced by their party or they are issuing statements for their own political survival which do not gel with the actual ‘pro-separatist’ stand of their valley based and Central leadership said Brig Gupta.
Prof Gupta also demanded a clarification from the Congress about the statement of UN proclaimed terrorist Hafiz Saeed, the master-mind of current turmoil in Kashmir, praising Congress and its few leaders for supporting the Kashmiri cause. He advised the Congress leaders to show solidarity with the government and security forces in this hour of crisis rather than indulging in political gimmicks.