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Culutral nationalism is in DNA of BJP: Murlidhar Rao

Claiming that India is a country with diversities in religion, region, ethnicity, language and customs, BJP national general secretary and all India incharge Pt Deen Dyal Upadhaya Mahaprashikshan Abhiyan Murlidhar Rao said that it has unanimity on the cultural nationalism. As far BJP, it considers that cultural nationalism in its DNA. He said that BJP firmly believes in pluralistic society but believes that all the diversities lead to a common ideology when we talk of nation and nationalism.
He said that BJP’s cultural nationalism is non competing, non-conflicting, which is the reason that many nations failed to remain united but India faced all challenges to its unity and integrity but never compromised.
Murlidhar Rao was addressing second session of the party’s four day training workshop/Prashikshan Varg of State BJP commenced at Katra with lightening of traditional lamp by State President & MLA Sat Sharma, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh, MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma, MoS Finance Ajay Nanda, MLC Ashok Khajuria and district president Kuldeep Raj Dubey.
Sat Sharma in his presidential address said that BJP has become largest political party in the world and every eye is on BJP and its government at the centre. He said that ours is a cadre based party where our Karyakarta its back bone and its strength. He said that the motive to organize such Varg is to update the party activists and polish them to face any challenges in the future.
Jugal Kishore Sharma while addressing the first session spoke in detail on BJP Ka Vikas aur Itihaas by highlighting a number of developments which led to the rise of BJP to such a position that it has achieved the distinction of running world’s largest democracy with an absolute majority. He said that the training workshops initiated at the instant of Prime Minister Narinder Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah are proving beneficial for the party activists at state, district and Mandal Level.