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Declare state holiday on Maharaja’s birthday: BJP

BJP calls upon the state government to declare State Holiday on September 23rd while recognizing the contribution of Maharaja Hari Singh ji in the development of State, for providing justice to all the communities of the state without any differentiation on the basis of religion, region, caste and creed. During his rein he initiated large number of reformist measures, taken steps to ensure public involvement in the state administration by constituting Praja Sabha.
BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta said that Dogra rule in the state can be considered as a Golden period in the state history. It provided a responsible and welfare government. He further added that people of the state, particularly those of the valley who were subjected to lot of depressive and tyranny measures during the previous rulers of Mughals and Pathans clane got a relief under Dogra period.
The spokesperson said that the people of the state are indebted to Maharaja for his historical decision signing instrument of accession in favour of India thus saving the people of State from Pakistan Aggression as a consequence of which we are saved from Pakistan atrocities those are being committed by it on PoJK people, and are enjoying the benefits of democratic values and secular ethos to which Govt. of India is committed. It is again appealed to the Chief Minister to declare state holiday on 23rdSeptember to honour the emotions and sentiments of Dogras and public in large of the J&K state.
Prof. Virender further said that it is beyond shadow of doubt that the BJP ministers in state cabinet are also exerting their influence on the Chief Minister for declaring state holiday on Maharaja Hari Singh Ji’s Birthday.