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Defend constitution but don’t involve religion: Bijral

Defending constitution is not, but involving religion to make it communal is sheer anti national. It’s expected, therefore, of every responsible citizen to defend constitution but not involve religion.

S.S. Bijral, BJP State Spokesperson, said it was most unfortunate and unsuitable of working president National Conference to allege that BJP was making provision of 35-A of Indian Constitution, a Hindu versus Muslim and state versus centre issue. He referred to media reports where Omar Abdullah referring to 35-A before his party delegates at Darhal Rajouri said that.

Bijral said raging controversy over 35-A, mistakenly referred as Article of Indian constitution while it is an appendix only, raised by NC and Congress in the state is most unwarranted. He said, the issue of constitutional validity is subjudice in Supreme Court and its ill advisable and inappropriate to give it a communal tinge. The constitution is supreme with jurisdiction over whole country with PM Modi government having responsibility to ensure, it best serves people interest above consideration of caste, creed and religion, he said.

Former IGP, Bijral said Modi led government focussed on country development is out and out on removing hurdles coming in way of upliftment of poor. For this he said in three years rule PM Modi led NDA government scrapped 1159 obsolete laws as against total 1301 laws junked in 64 years. Feeling constrained by subjudice status of 35-A, he said unaware of SC judgement, left to NDA government if the provision closely embraced by Kashmir leadership comes to obstruct development of J&K, crown of India, it has to go like 1159 other laws.

Appreciating opposition parties have the best trust reposed in SC as exhibited in ‘Triple Talaq’ Bijral expected that NC and Congress would continue maintaining peaceful atmosphere, essential for development, in the sensitive state. The state has suffered for too long in exclusion, he added.