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Despite rejection by the people Gupkaris claim victory on the issue of 370: Brig Anil Gupta

Even before the final tally had emerged both Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah took to twitter claiming endorsement of their stand of restoring status quo ante as before 05 August 2019, though to begin with both parties had proclaimed their sole intention of contesting the elections ‘to prevent BJP from making inroads in Kashmir’ stated Brig Veteran Anil Gupta Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. “Today’s DDC results have made it clear that people of J&K voted enmasse for @JKPAGD thus rejecting the unconstitutional decision to abrogate Article 370. They have overwhelmingly supported @JKPAGD which stands for restoration of J&Ks special status,” tweeted Mehbooba Mufti. A similar tweet from Omar Abdullah also followed.

“Desperate to remain in limelight and hog media headlines through sensational outbursts has forced these leaders to inculcate the habit of putting their foot in the mouth,” asserted Brig Gupta. Truly speaking when the successful conduct of the DDC elections and wholehearted participation by the people coupled with no boycott call or terror acts held after abrogation of Article 370 is being hailed as the victory of Indian democracy by the media and intelligentsia across the nation, the interpretation of the same by the Gupkar Alliance was not unexpected, stated Brig Gupta. The politics of Gupkar Alliance has always revolved around hollow slogans, false and broken promises as well as false and manufactured narratives to emotionally exploit the public.

“It was on the expected lines that after the results are declared, the parties would interpret the results based on the narrative they want to sell post the elections,” asserted Brig Gupta. Having failed to stop the BJP from making inroads in Kashmir despite total polarisation and anti-BJP propaganda unleashed by the Alliance, it had no option but to change the narrative towards referendum of demand for restoration of Article 370. Unfortunately their assertion is a false claim as statistics speak to the contrary, claimed BBrig Anil Gupta.

While respecting the verdict of the people as far as forming of District Councils is concerned BJP compliments the Alliance but refutes their assertion of it being an overwhelming support for restoration of 370 as the same is imaginary and incorrect, asserted Brig Gupta. The total votes polled by the seven party alliance is much less than the votes polled by BJP singularly stated Brig Gupta while quoting the figures as 4,02,011 votes in favour of the alliance and 4,87, 364 votes for BJP alone. The votes polled by Congress candidates since the party had made it clear before the elections thatit is not in favour of restoration of 370 but favours return to statehood and early elections have not been included clarified Brig Gupta. Elaborating further Brig Gupta claimed, “If all the votes of the parties against restoration of 370are added the tally becomes 5,05,045 defeating the status quo lobby handsomely.”

The Gupkaris will do well to serve the people and address their basic needs of connectivity, water and electricity rather than once again resort to rhetoric of restoration of 370 which would always remain a distant dream stated Brig Anil Gupta.