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Developmental activities will wipe all opposition : Dr.Gagan Bhagat

M.L.A from R.S Pura Constituency Dr.Gagan Bhagat inaugurated several developmental works. While inaugurating the Upgradation , and Macadamization of Rathana Morh to Salehar Village road work , speaking on the occasion, the Legislator informed that this border road is used by several border dwelling inhabitants who go to Jammu for their routine daily jobs starting from a village milkman to various officials, on starting this road it would benefit them all and was a big joy for the locals who reside by the side of this road, as committed during the recent assemble polls, he is satisfied that he is able to inaugurate this developmental work in his tenure .He said the Coalition Government was committed to create better infrastructural facilities in every nook and corner of the State under a well-knit development programme. Dr.Gagan also kick started the up-gradation of Lane & Drain which would cost Rs 3.50 Lacs at Talli morh Darsopur, the locals have also demanded during the election campaign which was fulfilled today , he added. He launched another developmental work by announcing eight(8) Mark-II handpumps across the R.S Pura for the purpose of safe drinking water he also cautioned on the occasion the hazards of usage of shallow hand pumps which he desired and advised the villagers to avoid .He also inaugurated the drainage plan for the Municipal committee R.S Pura at an estimated cost of 32 lakhs.He was also apprised of various demands pertaining to the development of the area by the villagers including requirement of kitchen, store room and toilet for CFC at Darsopur , Construction of cremation ground and its road along with its tiling at Miran Sahib. He assured to address all genuine demands on priority. Earlier,Dr.Gagan Bhagat also attended a public Darbaar at Village Darsopur in which large number of villagers were present ,he called upon the youths to avail the benefits from the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and through Skill Development Mission they can change their life ,as through the self employment programs they can become job providers rather than job seekers .On the occasion several workers belonging to N.C, Congress and P.D.P joined B.J.P in the presence of M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat , while appreciating the various initiative taken by the Union B.J.P Govt. led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and in the State led by Dy.C.M Dr.Nirmal Singh and M.P Jugal Kishore Sharma .While attacking on the opposition parties , especially on N.C Patron and Ex-Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah he said that they are actually the main reason of the alienation of Kashmiri people with the rest of the country and due to the policies of N.C and Congress the problem still exists in the valley , he said that the best answer to them will be Congess-N.C Mukt Jammu & Kashmir, for that he needed the support of the people hailing from the rural area where they has been done maximum damage for the last several years, he said that these people has only one thing left that is they can scream and raise hue and cry ,the reality is that these parties like Congress and N.C who have ruled the state for more than seventy years are the traitors and sole responsible for the plight of the people , he further added that people can judge themselves that the long pending works which were ignored are being done by the BJP Coalition govt. in the state and BJP led govt. at the centre, and people should identify these people and now they are trying to once again fool the people, but now the people and youth in particular will expose these people.BDO Miran Sahib ,XEN PWD(R&B) AEE, concerned officers, S.H.O Miran Sahib, E.O R.S Pura, Distt. President BJP Brijesh Rana, Vice President State S.C Morcha Karan Bhagat ,Mandal Pradhan BJP Devender Sharma, Mandal Pradhan R.S Pura Natharam ,Ramesh Lal, Bishan Dass, Gurdeep Singh, Inder Sudan ,Abhishek Gupta, Chander Udey Singh, Shanky Jamwal, Manjeet Singh,Pratap Kumar,Tarsem Lal and local public were also present on the occasion.