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Dr. Farooq Abdullah giving inflammatory speeches to gain lost political ground: Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna

BJP National Vice-President, National Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, former MP, Rajya Sabha & Prabhari J&K, Avinash Rai Khanna, has criticized former Chief Minister of J&K and President NC, Farooq Abdullah for his persistent, out of logic and senile statements time and again.

Avinash Rai Khanna, while taking exception to the statement of a sitting Member of Parliament and four-time Chief Minister of the state, said that having miserably failed in continuing the dynastic rule and faced with humiliating rejection by the people, he is displaying frustration and anger. His repeated anti-national statements, apart from generating anger among the public, have also made him a butt of jokes. Farooq’s condition is like a football that is being kicked from one half to another but failing to reach the goal post. One day he becomes Pakistan’s spokesperson, sometimes he projects himself as a supporter of Hurriyat, next day he condemns “Azadi”.

Known for making outlandish and weird statements, Farooq Abdullah has once again resorted to amusing his audience with theatrics, “jumlabaazi, bayanbaazi and jhooth”, said Khanna. Farooq seems to be more committed to Pakistan than Kashmiris and his utterances do not surprise anybody anymore. He may be a leader of NC, but there is a strong ‘separatist’ in him, claimed Avinash Rai Khanna.

In view of Farooq’s wavering stand, letting down his people on more than one occasion for the lust of his chair, and pro-Pakistan utterances, there is more than one reason to distrust Farooq Abdullah’s words and ignore them as a mere attempt to remain in limelight, lamented Khanna.

The NC President sees no political future for him and his party. His dream of Abdullah dynasty ruling the state forever has been shattered with PDP–BJP coalition firmly in place. He is being haunted by a dark future, his statements are essentially giving vent to his dejection and frustration, reiterated Avinash Rai Khanna.

Khanna said that being a senior leader it was least expected from him to play vote bank politics on the issue of martyrs. His unnecessary sermons to the Chief of Army Staff are unwarranted and untimely. Just because he happened to visit one martyr’s family for a photo session, he has all of a sudden become champion of the ex-servicemen welfare! Dr. Farooq needs to explain as to why not even a single leader of his party was present to pay homage to inspector Tak of JK Police, who attained martyrdom at Zakoora, Srinagar.