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Dr. Gagan Bhagat raises issue of delay in macadamization in R.S Pura

In the ongoing budget session of the Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly at Srinagar. M.L.A from R.S.Pura Dr. Gagan Bhagat strongly raised the issue of delay in the Macadamization of roads in the R.S Pura Constituency by serving “Calling Attention Notice”, in which he stressed that the link roads are in very dilapidated condition ,and for saving the time people try to use these link roads, and it is very unfortunate that the department has turned nelson eye towards such roads. While giving reply to the calling attention notice of Dr.Gagan Bhagat the Minister for Public Works ( R&B) A.R Veeri replied that total five roads of R.S Pura have been taken under the Macadamization of City and Town roads (75mm) covering a total distance of approximately 24 Kilometers and out of Rs. 646 lacs an amount of Rs. 530 have been released for these five roads, Dr.Gagan Bhagat raised the issue of link road of Banota village which the legislator said that it was one of the most important link roads of R.S Pura which is almost 1.90 Kms in length and out of which 1.05 Kms have been macadamized under the City & Town Plan ,and only 0.85 Kms stretch has been left , he demanded that this should be completed early as possible, the Minister assured the M.L.A R.S Pura that he will direct the concerned officer to take the matter on priority.The answer of the minister did not satisfied the M.L.A R.S Pura , who wanted assurance from the government that when the said left out stretch of the Banota link road will be started , the Minister assured that it will be completed in a shortest possible time as the monsoon season is near and any time we could expect it so it is very difficult to complete the macadamization in the rainy season , and if it is not taken before the monsoon , we will complete it as soon as the rainy season is over.Dr.Gagan Bhagat also demanded that the government should also take necessary steps to complete the balance work of the P.V.C Bana Singh Stadium at R.S Pura, in which the earth filling in the stadium was the most important issue, besides the completion of the pavilion.