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Dr.Gagan Bhagat raises issue of Industrial Estate at R.S Pura in Assembly

Dr.Gagan Bhagat M.L.A from R.S Pura while speaking in the Legislative Assembly at the ongoing Budget session at Srinagar, on the Demand for grants in the Industries and Commerce department. He strongly raised the issue of Unemployment in R.S Pura, and said that due to this the youths are going into the clutches of Drug Mafia and the day is not far when we will have a Punjab like situation. He said that there is abundant talent in R.S Pura, and the need of the hour is that to nurture that talent and convert it into self employment through Skill Development initiative of the P.M, and it will create an atmosphere of a secure future, and more and more you will follow the same.While speaking on the issue of Industrial Estate he strongly advocated and raised the voice of setting up of Industrial estate or Cyber city at the Miran Sahib in place where the Turpentine factory commonly known in the area as “Brozaa” factory and has abundant land to establish as Industrial Estate , which will directly help in tackling the problem pf unemployment and on the other hand will also boost the business in the locality, he also said that in doing so the youths and people from the four border constituencies of R.S Pura, Bishnah, Suchetgarh and Marh will be benefitted. He also advocated that in the Industrial estates at Gangyal, Badi Brahmna, and Samba job opportunities should be provided to the local youth, it is seen that the companies, and the business houses who set up their units in these estates prefer youths and the workers from outside the state, which is not in the favour of pour youth community, on this demand the concerned minister assured that the preference will be given to the local youths. Dr.Gagan also demanded hassle free loans for the youths to establish their own units, as of now they are facing very hardships to start their own enterprises, he appreciated the announcement of setting of two Entrepreuners Development Centres for Womens at Jammu and Srinagar respectively, as it will help the females to come forward and become self dependent. Lastly he demanded for promoting small scale industries in R.S Pura Constituency, earlier before the question hour Dr.Gagan along with MLA Sukhnandan Choudhary, MLA Shakti Parihar, MLA Jeewan Lal, MLA Ravinder Raina asked the government to clear its stand regarding the issue of “Aap Shambhu” temple at Jammu and the atmosphere after that,later the house unanimously appealed to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood among the residents of Jammu & Kashmir ,the people who are responsible for the act will not be spared at any cost, the Minister for Rural Development Department Law & Justice Abdul Haq Khan maintained.