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Emotional solidarity key to martyrdom spirit: Bijral

The state hosted a ‘feast your eyes’ Iftar party at Jammu while people at large, particularly in valley, the six policemen brutally killed by terrorists hailed from, mourned and struggled to come out of shock. Is it foreign to us that ‘emotional solidarity with soldier is key to martyrdom spirit survival?’

Iftar hosted by Chief Minister ahead of Eid is an official ritual. Its hosted for prominent citizens irrespective of their religious allegiance. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community with people gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is taken right after Maghrib time which is around sunset. Hosted by ‘executive head’ has symbolic significance of communal harmony with ‘non-rozdars’ in good strength enjoying choice delicacies befitting host status.

On June 16 last SHO Feroz Ahmed Dar of police station Achhabal returning from Anantnag with five other policemen after performing law and order duty was way laid at Thajiwara village by terrorists. Killing them all, the killers displaying unprecedented savagery mangled their faces, riddling them with bullets with vengeance and took away their weapons.

The terrorists success at police party rather than dampening their spirit is bound to further strengthen their resolve to free valley from the violence unleashed. But the policemen in general and the families, friends, relations and well meaning general public taken over by grief over loss of brave hearts expect that the administration, the least it could have done was, demonstrate emotional solidarity with them and cancelled the official Iftar party, letting ‘rozdars’ observe iftar as per routine. Are not official functions cancelled? Wasn’t the wiping off of the whole police party in an ambush enough for state to mourn the loss and cancel official feast?

Valley is a long drawn strife. How long will it take to die, no one knows. Let’s prepare with farsightedness. Time demands it.