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Er Ghulam Ali appeals Modi for direct intervention

A senior leader of BJP appealed to the youth of the state to maintain peace at all cost. Reacting to the recent happenings in the state, Ghulam Ali Khatana said that lot of blood has be spilt because of trust deficit and assured that his government is working overtime to redress the problems of the youth.
Urging youth and their parents not to put their lives at risk, Ghulam Ali said those opposition forces whose hands are in blood are trying to exploit the situation just for their political gains and vested interests must be understood wisely.
How can anyone whose hands are in blood be a saviour or sympathizer, he questioned urging people not to fall a prey to rumours and misleading statements and instead allow the situation to return to normal.
Blaming Congress and National Conference for the mess the state was in today, Ghulam Ali said that it was faulty approach adopted by Pt Nehru that 60 years later also, certain vested interests are able to incite youth in the name of dispute which actually does not exist. He said that it was infact Sheikh Abdullah who misguided Nehru into limiting the Indian Army when she was recapturing the areas of Kashmir which are now with Pakistan in the shape of ‘Pakistan Administered Kashmir.’
Ghulam Ali further said that the only agenda of Government of India is to recapture PAK and unite Kashmir. He blamed Hurryiat and other separatist for mis-guiding the youth and getting them killed, whereas their own are living in foreign countries having best of facilities emanating from the blood of poor Kashmiris.
He came down heavily on Omar Abdullah who he blamed for the recent mess. He further said that it was infact Omar who instigated people by tweeting that Bhuran Wani was not a militant during his tenor as chief minister, whereas father of the deceased had admitted that his son had joined ranks some 6 years back. Was it that National Conference which was covertly helping the Hibz into rejuvenating its cadre when they were in power.
Khatana appealed to Narendra Modi to personally intervene and order a probe into the activities of National Conference. He further reminded the prime minister of his approach towards Kashmir, where he said that he will have Insaniat, Kashmirat and Jhoomiraat as guiding principals in dealing with Jammu and Kashmir development.