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Extremists still moving freely in Pakistan: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta said that Kashmiri leaders including Omar Abdullah and M.Y. Tarigami who always demand talks with Pakistan, inspite of Pakistan being involved in inflicting thousands cuts and waging a proxy war against India by promoting and supporting terrorist activities in the valley, to resolve the Kashmir issue should acquaint themselves about the views expressed by Former Pakistan Ambassador to United States, Hussain Haqqani in Bengalaru who had come for an interactive session in respect of his book India Vs Pakistan, why can’t we be friends. As per Haqqani statement he has stated that unless terrorism is taken off the table completely, he does not see any Indian “who can more forward with normal relations with Pakistan”. He also said that the present political environment and circumstances in Pakistan are not conducive to strike normalization with India, because extremists like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar are still operating and moving freely in Pakistan.
Haqqani has further said that it would be much better to adopt the approach of building a good relationship as a means of solving problems rather than insisting first on solving Kashmir problem that has not been solved for the past 69 years.
Prof. Virender also drew attention of the Kashmir youth who are being misguided by the separatist leader and pro-Pak elements to have a glance on the situation in PoK including Gilgit and Baltistan. He drew their attention to the just recently held elections in PoK which have been rigged by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in its favour and as a result of which there were strong mass protests in Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari, Mirpur and other places. It was confirmed by Pakistan Human Rights Group that corrupt practices involving money and muscle power had been marshaled to subvert the electoral verdict of the people. The protestors alleged that elections in PoK have always been fixed in favour of the federal ruling party. Rather than being in thrall of Pakistan and PoK, the youth of the valley should get inspired by the democratic secular ethos and culture of the Indian state and strive to achieve their full potential in life in free India. The ISI and Pakistan have their axe to grind against India for imagined grievances and youth of the valley should not get swayed by the Pakistan’s religious exhortions to the detriment of their career and life.