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Farooq Abdullah’s accusations false and baseless: Brig Gupta

Having faced criticism even in Kashmir for his irresponsible and anti-national statements, Dr. Farooq Abdullah has resorted to his time-tested technique of telling lies and spreading falsehood to malign his opponents in the hope of saving his sinking boat, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. Condemning Farooq’s statement that RSS top brass had supported the 1975 emergency, Brig Gupta said that nothing can be farther from the truth than this white lie and Farooq needs to study the JP Movement in detail before making such false statements. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) was at the forefront of JP Movement and almost all the important functionaries of ABVP across the country were jailed by Indira Gandhi during the emergency. RSS cadre was deeply involved in production and distribution of literature during the said movement as well as the emergency. In one of the lathi charges on Jai Prakash Narain (JP), it was the intervention of Nanaji Deshmukh, whose hand was broken instead, saved the life of JP, informed Brig Gupta. It is an acknowledged fact that apart from theatrics Farooq has mastered the art of rhetoric, weird statements, and falsehood but how dare he refer to it as BJP’s hypocrisy, rued Brig Gupta?
Hypocrisy and deceit are the hallmark of NC which was the ally of Indira Gandhi when the emergency was declared. NC colluded with the then central government and used the state’s machinery to arrest and harass the ABVP and Jan Sangh cadre in the state at that time, stated Brig Gupta. Referring to another accusation blaming BJP of communal politics, Brig Gupta said that such an accusation from the President of a Party (NC) that was born with a communal agenda tantamount to ‘pot calling the cattle black.’ NC’s core ideology is to promote, “Kashmiri speaking Muslim precedence” and it follows the concept of “exclusivity.” Can Farooq deny that he was the architect of dividing the electorate into communal lines in 1983 elections when he forged an alliance with all Kashmiri separatist and religious parties and sowed the seeds of divisive politics in the state? Did he not say that “Any Kashmiri who votes for Modi will be thrown into the sea?” Did he not use the mosques to appeal to Muslim voters in Muslim dominated districts of Jammu region to not to vote for BJP candidates during the last assembly elections? I leave it to the honorable people of J&K to decide as to which party resorts to communal and divisive politics, said Brig Gupta.
It is a different thing that people do not take him or his party seriously anymore and the fear of becoming totally ‘irrelevant’ is haunting him. Unfortunately, Farooq does not spare his own party cadre by selling them false hopes of youth empowerment when NC is a dynastic party with no scope of growth for non-family members, lamented Brig Gupta. When Sheikh Abdullah gifted him the chair of Chief Minister, the vote share of NC was 46%, when Farooq installed Omar the vote share had fallen to 19% and he won the bye-election to Srinagar Parliamentary constituency in 2017 with approximately 2% vote share, the dwindling vote share is indicative of people’s rejection of Farooq and his style of politics and main cause of his frustrated behaviour, reiterated Brig Gupta.