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Farooq is a man of split personality: Prof. Virender

“Farooq Abdullah, though has been elected in bi-election of Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency but this shall remain blot and slur on his personality and political career, the way he exploited the people, instigated them to resort to violence, supported anti-India forces by calling the present turmoil as a freedom struggle for Kashmir”, said Prof. Virender Gupta, the BJP State Spokesperson. He further added that this would go as a dark page in Indian Parliamentary history that a person of a stature, who remained Chief Minister of J&K State, many a times and who was Union Minister could stoop to such a low ebb of decency that he, in his public utterances, challenges the integrity of the country for whose top most body, he was seeking berth. He reminded Farooq Abdullah of the oath that he took as Chief Minister of the state, as Member of Parliament and also as a Union Minister on earlier occasions. On all these occasions, he pledged to uphold the Constitution of J&K State or that of India Union and promised to work for the integrity of the country. “Now he is again going to swear to uphold the Indian Constitution and sovereignty of the country and how he would reconcile with his two postures, one that he exhibited during his election campaign and other that he would go to adopt as Member of Indian Parliament, would these not be self contradictory”, Prof. Gupta asked.
Prof. Gupta criticized Farooq Abdullah for shedding crocodile tears on the death of youth, when he himself was responsible for such causalities and manipulated the disruption and chaos on the election so that he could easily get through. He ridiculed his statement made after his victory that other Members from Jammu & Kashmir have failed to raise any of issues of Kashmir in Lok Sabha and he would raise the voice of Kashmir. “Was Farooq Abdullah questioning his and Omar’s role too, during their earlier tenures in Lok Sabha”, he said.
Prof. Virender emphasized that Farooq Abdullah is a man of split personality, who has been wandering in search of his role with confused mind and contradictory perceptions.