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Farooq selectively quotes from history to rouse communal passions, blames Patel, Azad and praises Jinnah: Brig Gupta

The communal harmony that prevails in Jammu region is increasingly becoming an eyesore for the valley-centric political parties whose leaders are trying to disturb the already fragile harmony through their provocative speeches thus contributing to the nefarious designs of our hostile neighbor who has made repeated attempts in the past to initiate communal riots lamented Brigadier Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. Taking serious exception to the statement of Dr Abdullah made at Chamber House, Jammu in which he blamed the nationalist leaders like Sardar Patel and Maulana Azad for the partition of India and praised Jinnah, the real spoilsport, Brig Gupta said that through selective quoting from history Farooq was not only trying to please his vote bank but also triggering communal passions. Dr Farooq referred to Cabinet Mission which visited India in 1946 but conveniently ignored to tell his audience that the demand for Pakistan was made by Jinnah much earlier in 1940,known as “Lahore Resolution”, calling for the creation of “separate states”-plural not singular-to accommodate Indian Muslims whom he argued were a separate “nation”, clarified Brig Gupta. While there was a mass movement against the British Rule in 1942 called “Quit India” movement, Jinnah’s Muslim League allied with the British in exchange for future political safeguards and did not join the movement but nationalist Muslim leaders like Maulana Azad were jailed by the British.

Clarifying further Brig Gupta said, “Cabinet Mission failed to secure consensus for its proposal of a loose federation. The idea was rejected by both Congress and the Muslim League, which vowed to agitate for “Pakistan” by any possible means”. This attitude of Muslim League leadership led to communal violence leading to Great Calcutta Killing of August 1946. The communal riots gradually spread to other parts of British India forcing nationalist leaders like Sardar Patel and Maulana Azad to concede to the separatist demand of Jinnah rather than see the entire country engulfed by senseless communal riots. It is also a fact that the partition of India was a result of political ambitions of Nehru and Jinnah in which both were unwilling to concede their personal ambitions.

The timing and venue of such a statement from Dr Farooq Abdullah is intriguing in which he tried to pitch the minority versus the majority at a time when the communal tensions are already running high in part of Jammu region? Rather than trying to pacify the matter, is Dr Abdullah attempting to disturb the delicate communal harmony by making such statements, questioned Brig Gupta?DrAbdullah has mastered the art of misquoting from history or distorting historical facts to suit his political narrative but a leader of his stature needs to use discretion keeping in mind the existing ground realities said Brig Gupta. “What was the need to refer to Cabinet Mission, a failed mission that led to Hindu-Muslim riots,” questioned Brig Gupta? The Jammu based NC leaders and members of the Chamber also owe an explanation to the people as they were clapping and cheering the statement of Dr Abdullah that was obviously aimed at creating a rift between the majority and the minority.